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History and Politics
The Kingdom of Kallia and the Sharran Forests were called the Twin Nations, the nations of the Elven Peoples. Although the Kallians and Sharrans differed in certain customs and in methods of government, the elves shared a love of magic and of nature that bound them together like the light shared between the Sun and the Stars, and they often worked and traded together, seemingly unstoppable in protecting the natural world around them. After the Wild Storm, the Kallians were more than happy to give shelter to the Sharrans, whose sacred forests were all but decimated by the storm's destructive energies. As always they shared–but even as they shared, their differences grew more apparent. Kallians and Sharrans look out for each other and their mutual interests–but also seem to be watching each other carefully these days.

Kallian society is built upon a strict, quasi-feudal hierarchy which pinnacles with Queen Averra. Due to elven nature, lifespan, and needs for daily living, there are no poor or serfs in the human sense, but there is a fairly strict pecking order. At the lowest tier of Kallian citizenry are the Warrior Kin, who, as the name implies, largely populate the Kallian armies; they also are the primary scouts and direct caretakers of the land. Above them are several Shee Kin, the clans who are lords of the individual, central elven holds. Many of their members also train to be warriors, although usually to be as officers or members of Archer Elites (as opposed to Sword Legions), and they coordinate scouting and hunting parties. Above them are the Noble Kin, five clans which are given to oversee five different regions of the nation. The Noble Kin run intelligence operations and are also the folk who primarily train as wizards and teach magic to others. From one of the Noble families comes the Monarch, who is chosen based on a complex evaluation of lineage, potential, piety, fighting, and magical skill. The family related to the Monarch is granted higher status than the other families. There are several sub-sets and hierarchies within each class of families, based on amount of land protected, artifacts owned, family histories of great achievement, and magic or art produced by that family.

The Sharrans on the other hand lived in their own land in a government that, while probably as complex, put everyone on a more equal playing field regarding status. Only Elders were placed above the others as being wiser and more experienced. All Sharrans shared in all kinds of work, regardless of birth. They are expected to obey Kallian structures while they are in Kallia, and few appreciate being told what to do by a representative of a single woman most have never even seen. The Sharrans are growing more resentful of their situation, but are also grateful to be given refuge from the storm. However, while in general elves prefer the company of other elves, many Sharrans have come to prefer to live in Grattock, where, despite the Council's somewhat restrictive hold over the peoples of their nation, they are usually left alone in their personal lives to do as they wish–without a Kallian looking over their shoulder, fearing a rebellion against the Elven Queen.

Kallia gets along well with its neighbors, and trades craftwork and weapons for raw ore and exotic foods. Kallia politically usually stays aloof from the other nations, only communicates with them when they feel it is an absolute necessity.

A non-elven visitor to Kallia may first wonder where the actual nation is. Built around and under hills, and up in trees, elven homes are meant to blend in with nature itself. On the inside, elven homes are a peculiar but beautiful mix of natural growth and exquisitely detailed artificial construction. Even if one cannot see the entrance to an elven holding, one should never assume that they are alone or in an uninhabited area. Elves have a way of blending into their surroundings, even as much as they can be flamboyant when they want to be.

About eighty to ninety percent of Kallia's inhabitants are the Kallians themselves, who inhabit stone-and-wood catacombs built around and inside the rolling hills of their nation–these are known as the Shee. Kallians are proud and aloof and somewhat xenophobic, although a strong curiosity runs in their magic-loving veins. Kallians are always polite, although what can be expressed within that politeness varies greatly. The treetop-dwelling Sharrans make up most of the rest of the population; mostly they have build their own holdings, although some share in Kallian Shee, usually living among the Warrior Kin. Some half-elves of either heritage live with their elven parents, trained in the ways of whichever family they belong to. However, particularly among the higher ranks of Kallians, they are not privy to the highest of influences due to their impure lineage. Very rarely, humans live among the elves as ambassadors and students, but none are citizens of Kallia.

Most of the adventurers coming out of Kallia are Sharrans looking to liberate the tainted land that was once their home. Half-elves also are among the adventuring sort, looking to prove themselves or merely escape to a place where they might feel as if they belong.

Although most Kallians are the isolationist sort, some Kallian warriors go out into the Wilderness to test their mettle, and many Kallian wizards and sorcerers are intrigued by the effects of the magical storm, and wish to see if they can divine its causes in hopes of making sure such an abomination shall never happen again.


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