The World of Ohmarr
Ghaash Rin

History and Politics
The ancient kingdom of Ghaash Rin is an entirely human nation, build on a cluster of islands east of the continent of Asar. Although technically ruled by a monarch, the true "leader" of Ghaash Rin is a complex bureaucracy, the likes of which often boggles the minds–and purses–of foreign visitors. Though not capitalistic to the point of, say, the Ferengi from Star Trek, nonetheless trade and competitive business are key to the lifestyle of the Rin. The king and his ministers are as much businessmen as any other successful person in Ghaash Rin is, and the nation is purportedly extremely wealthy. However, the divide between rich and poor is vast, and largely ignored by the affluent (not that this is too terribly different from anywhere else, but it's noticeable here, with the richer merchant class).

The Rin are not particularly warlike, and even if they were, they would have to cross the sea with troops to attempt to battle. Rin much prefer to cross the sea to trade. Some joke, perhaps with a hint of seriousness, that one day perhaps Ghaash Rin will buy Grattok if the Chancellor negotiates the right price.

The only way in which the Rin were affected by the Storm was that trade with the nations across the sea was rather interrupted during the time of land skirmishes in the area now known as Grattock. The Rin were pleased to see order restored to that area–indeed, some mutter that the Rin helped to finance Gratt's original endeavor to force the people populating that area into a military peace. Still, apart from trade, the Rin prefer to keep to themselves and their internal industries.

Pelohn is the primary god worshipped by the Rin, the order and law he represents precious to them above all else. The Rin are suspicious of magic–misuse of magic could disrupt trade and industry–and extremely high standards and restrictions are applied to those who would practice it in their area. The Rin consider the Wild Storm the fault of the inhabitants of Asar, whose "reliance" on magic resulted in the distastrous event. In fact, the Rin tend to dislike anything smacking of chaos.

Nearly all occupants of Ghaash Rin are human and are from the Rin culture; anyone else is surely a visitor–or an exile–from the mainland. The Rin are cautiously hospitable, in a ritual sort of way, toward guests, but none see into a Rin's personal life except those most close to him.

Curiosity may be bad for business, but it is also a distinctly human trait, so a few do wander out of Ghaash Rin to explore the world beyond the island empire. Not many will actually venture into the Wilderness, as the risk is much greater than the possible profit produced, although those of more scholarly interests may go to learn about the cultures that were destroyed there.

The Rin have an underground culture easily as complex as their in-the-open bureaucracy and trade centers, and have an organization of thieves that makes all other thief guilds or gangs look like unprepared, rag-picking rabble. Sometimes an enterprising rogue may attempt to go to Ghaash Rin to learn the secrets of the masters, but getting in to the guilds is extremely difficult and takes a very long time–but if a person proves he can turn the organization a significant profit, he may, after months or years, become privy to the secrets of the Rin Thieves Guild.


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