Ohmarr: Geography
Map of Ohmarr

The known lands of Ohmarr consist of a large continent called Asar, which is roughly 3,500 miles wide, and a smaller group of islands to the east of Asar, which are the home of the Rin. The Trade Sea consists of the waters between the east coast of Asar and Ghaash Rin, and the South Sea is a gigantic inlet south of Asar. The rest of the oceans surrounding these lands is simply referred to as the Vast, which spreads all the way around the world. Numerous small islands are sprinkled throughout the Vast, but they are too spread apart and too small to be easily mapped. None are known to be inhabited by any of the sentient races.

Grattock occupies the northeast coast of Asar, while Kallia occupies the Southeast. Dreshen Hold is tucked into the mountains just north of Grattock. Before the Storm, the land that is now occupied by Grattock was shared between the Elseki and the Jelans. Anything west of Grattock and Kallia is considered the Wilderness.

Much of the Wilderness is mapped partly by conjecture, and the melodramatic names of the lands there come from the imaginations of the adventurers who have managed to survive their visits there.

The vast, swampy area now called the Gloomswallow, or at least the eastern bulk of it, was once the rich, ancient forests belonging to the Sharrans. The waste to the east of the Gloomswallow was once the territory of the Glorious Empire of Rhenda, now simply called the Lost. Kalt occupied the central lands north of Rhenda and west of Jela, and the Iron Peoples occupied the chilly, hilly lands at the very northwest coast of Asar. These lands contain ruins of the old kingdoms and lots of Wilderness-mutated beasts, plants, and scary, icky things. And maybe some nice things too, but they were probably eaten by the scary, icky things.

Specific Locations

Tennek: Known as "Adventurer's Town," this walled settlement in northwest Grattock is the closest bastion of civilization to the Wilderness. Many adventurers stock and heal here, and the guild of explorers called the Wilderness Patrol is located just outside the town walls.


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