Ohmarr: Feats
Below is a list of feats available to characters, based on Ohmarran regions and cultures. You must have grown up in this culture and region to be able to take the feat. Both the nation you grew up in AND the culture you grew up in determine which extra feats are available; therefore, you will have two feats (no more) to choose from.

These are NOT bonus feats. These are merely feats that are available to you when slots open as you level up, in addition to the feats in the PHB.

Guard-Trained: You were the member of your family that served in the Protectorate Guard for two years. You have Weapon Proficiency in halberd and short sword. You must take this as a first level character, as it should be something that happened in your character background.

Wise Courtier: You understand and are good at playing your way through the complex hierarchy of the Kallian nobility. You have Knowledge: Nobility and Diplomacy as class skills, and gain a +1 competence bonus to checks using these skills.

Blood of the Elders: You are of a famous strong and stubborn dwarven clan. Gain +1 to Will saves and +2 to Charisma-based checks when dealing with other dwarves. You must take this as a first level character.

Ghaash Rin
Streetwise: You have learned to understand the city, in all its best and worst, and know what to look for when looking for trouble. +2 to spot and sense motive checks.

Worthy Craftsman: Choose two craft skills or one craft plus Knowledge: Engineering. These are class skills for you and you get a +1 in using them.

Educated: You have received good general schooling for several years and been encouraged to study your culture and your world. All knowledge skills are class skills. Gain +1 bonus to two knowledge skills of your choosing. You must take this during character creation.

Tactical Mind: Part of a military family, you have been trained in military history and tactics and know how to quickly apply your knowledge in tight situations. +2 to Initiative and Knowledge: History checks.

Gifted Merchant: You are wise in the ways of haggling and know how to get the best deal. +2 to all appraise and bluff checks.

Honor-Driven: When you decide what you need to do to keep your honor in check, nothing can stop you. +1 to all Will saves, +1 to initiative, and +1 to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when you are dealing with matters of personal honor. You must take this at first level.

Iron Person
Dedicated Laborer: You put your all into the career of your choosing. Nothing is more satisfying than a job well done. Choose two Crafts or Professions (or one of each) related to your good honest labor; gain +2 to checks involving these two skills.

Arcane Schooled: You are fascinated by and dedicated to the study of magic. Gain +2 to all Spellcraft and Knowledge: Arcana checks.

Tree-ambler: You are most at home clambering about trees. +2 to all climb and balance checks when in trees. You do not gain penalties in fighting from being in a tree.

Dwarven Sensibility: Even among dwarves, you are particularly practical. Supernatural jiggery-pokery cannot manipulate your fears to make you see other than what is really there: You may make an additional saving throw (if you fail the initial throw) to see past illusions (and may make a single saving throw when others have none). You also gain a +2 to Initiative for your decisive level-headedness.


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