Ohmarr: Cosmology
The Creation of the Universe
In the beginning, the Mother of Life dreamed, floating in an endless bed of Darkest Unbeing. Gasping in her dream, her eyes flew open, and out poured the essence of Being. This was purest Light, which on instinct formed itself into the body of Creation, into the Sun. And the first the Light did, after it became the Sun, was spin bits of its creative forces back into the darkness that surrounded it. This light arranged itself into a pattern, and as the pattern formed, the darkness of unbeing was arranged into the darkness of existence. The pattern of these small lights, that ordered the universe out of nothing, was the First Name, and that Name was Kyross. Once the Name of Kyross was spoken, Kyross gained awareness and understanding of the order that could allow the Universe to exist and perpetuate. He looked upon the body of the Sun, which had given up some of its Light so he might have a body of existence, and he spoke the Second Name, Kyrana, and with her Name, the Sun Goddess also became aware, and understood the force of growth and change that could allow the universe to begin and to end.

As they came to understand themselves and their place in the center of the Universe they had just formed, the Mother of Life closed her eyes once again and returned to her dream. Kyrana and Kyross, formed of the Dreams of Creation and the Light of Being, set to the rest of the task of Creation. Kyrana and Kyross were lords of the Universe, but the next step was to create the lords of Life.

First Kyrana spun out of herself four more bodies of light, and Kyross named them, and on receiving their names, the Four Children of Light each took a different form and purpose, each form being essential to bringing about Life to the Universe. Shesarr was the Mistress of Wind, Ohman the Master of Earth, Jehr the Master of Water, and Perynn the Mistress of Fire. Each claimed a corner of the Universe as their own, creating the Spheres of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. But in order for Life to begin, they had to bring their Elements together.

Out of his own Sphere, Ohman spun a large chunk of pure Earth, which he placed near the life-giving energies of Kyrana's Realm of the Sun, but not so close that her intense energies could warp it just from being too near. Jehr fed the Earth with Water, that it could move and thus grow, and Perynn's Fire warmed it, and Shesarr breathed into it, splitting some of the earth into land and some into sky, that the land might sustain itself, and thus this chunk of Earth became a living world.

Kyrana and Kyross looked upon their Children's work and approved, and Kyrana fuelled the world with some of her Light, and Kyross spoke its name: Ohmarr. And as its name was spoken, Life fully began to spring into the World–the World itself was not just alive, but it supported life within life, in the form of plants and animals.

And then Ohman reached down his hand, and with his shaping hands, helped form some of the new living creatures into stronger shapes. It was his intention that these creatures would become stewards of the World of Ohmann, and learn to care of it. Each of the gods touched these creatures so that they gained strength of each of the material elements of life.

But for Ohman, this was not enough. He looked to Kyross, speaking with him carefully about the nature of Creation. And clever and cunning, watching the Stars change shape in their messages, Ohman began to understand a bit of the importance and power of Names. And he returned to Ohmarr and gave these creatures Names.

Thus, the Peoples of Ohmarr were truly born: Those touched most by Pyrenn were the People of the Sky, awesome in their power; those touched by Shesarr were the People of the Trees, touching above and below as equally as the wind; those touched by Ohman were the People of the Stone, mighty and resilient; those touched by Jehr were the People of the Sea, ever-changing. And those who had received strengths equally from all the gods became the People of the Lands Between.

And when the Peoples of Ohmarr were created, the Harmony between the Gods became destroyed, because the Four could not agree on the purpose of the Peoples.

Ohman wanted the Peoples to have full stewardship and control of their world. Shesarr disagreed, believing they should have more guidance and shaping still from the gods. Jehr sided with Shesarr, favoring Balance.

And Perynn hated the Peoples outright. She thought they were fine without Names–but with names, surely they would eventually usurp the purpose of the Gods themselves. Ohman argued that it was the Gods' purpose to Create, but that the Peoples themselves must have control of themselves once created.

Some say Perynn was jealous that Ohman had come to gain the favor of Kyross enough to learn Names from him; others say she was merely angry because he had moved ahead in the creation of the Peoples without consulting his sisters and brother. Whatever her motivation, the next thing she did was terrible–raining fire down on Ohmarr, she tried to destroy it.

Ohman leapt in to stop her, raising up Earth to prevent her. But so great was the struggle, the World became so shaken that it started to become undone regardless. Shesarr tried to hold together the World, weaving complex patterns of air that the world might gather in itself with its pressure. And Jehr threw a great tidal wave over both Ohman and Perynn, to stop the flames and to douse the earth so that Ohman would stop shaking it so roughly. Shesarr and Jehr came between their brother and sister to try and stop them, but Ohman and Perynn were still fighting, and Shesarr and Jehr were seriously wounded in the crossfire. They gave the last of their energy–they could not bring back what had been destroyed, but Shesarr gave her last breath to the world so strong that it could heal itself, and Jehr caught all that had been destroyed into a wave, washing it clean, returning it to the living earth, that it might be reborn into new life later on. And then they retreated to their spheres, and refused to leave ever again.

Ohman realized the extent of the damage when he realized that such was the force of the fight that two of the peoples had been destroyed: the Peoples of the Sky and of the Sea were no more. He had to act in a way that would spare the remaining survivors of the world. So Ohman grabbed his sister, clutching her to him in a crushing embrace. Her flames scorched him, and the god screamed in agony, but he continued to hold on, trying to engulf her in his own essence of Earth. Soon enough, the goddess tried so hard to burn Ohman that she ended up burning herself out, and her essence returned to the Darkness of unbeing.

Ohman was little better off. He was alive, but he had spent so much of himself in fighting his sister that he barely was aware. He lost consciousness, sinking beneath the Ocean Jehr had left behind in the fight.

Ashes floated on the water, remains of where Ohman's earthy flesh had met with Perynn's flames. Mingling in the water, they slowly floated to form masses of their own, and then bodies. And Kyrana and Kyross looked down, and gave them Light Souls and Named them: Arell and Pelohn.

With Perynn extinguished to Darkness, Ohman lost in eternal sleep, and Shesarr and Jehr weakened and self-exiled to their Spheres, Kyrana and Kyross set forth a decree that the Four had completed their purpose of Creation, and that they could no longer directly touch Ohmarr, although if the Peoples called upon them for aid, they might do what they could to listen.

But the Choice, the Pair decreed, was to be made by the Peoples. The World of Ohmarr was in their hands.

However, Kyrana and Kyross also decreed that the new gods, sprung from the struggle between Earth and Fire, would also be given Stewardship of Ohmarr and its Peoples. They were forbidden the power of Creation: it was Arell and Pelohn's duty simply to ensure that the World of Ohmarr remained more or less balanced in life and death, order and chaos. Pelohn took on the role of Watcher over the Peoples in their relationships with each other, whereas Arell determined that she should concern herself with the relationship between the Peoples and the non-sentient living world around them. Arell protects the World, Pelohn protects the Peoples. Like Ohman and Perynn, they have their own ambitions, but they know if they allow their ambitions to directly affect the course of the universe, they will share the fate of their parents.

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