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Viconia Viconia deVir (D&D 3.5 Version)
A pity your manhood is so lacking. I am a cruel mistress, but my slaves always found their
subjugation to be most satisfying to their own physical desires as well.

Neutral Evil (or Neutral) Drow Cleric (of Shar) (13)

Hit Points: 43
Base Armor Class w/ Dex: 15
Initiative: +9
Speed: 30
Base Attack Bonuses: +9/+4
Total Melee Bonus: Same as Base
Total Ranged Bonus: +14/+9
Saves: Fort +8 Ref +9 Will +12

Ability Scores:

STR: 10 (+0)
DEX: 20 (+5)
CON: 10 (+0)
INT: 16 (+3)
WIS: 18 (+4)
CHA: 14 (+2)

Racial Abilities:
Cast 1/day as a Spell-Like Ability as Sorcerer of same level: Dancing Lights, Darkness, Faerie Fire, Darkvision up to 120', Spell Resistance 11+Character Level, +2 Bonus to Will Saves versus Spells and Spell-like Abilities, +2 to saving throws versus enchantments, immune to magic sleep, Elven blood, proficient in the longsword and rapier and short and longbows, +2 to Listen/Search/Spot, Favored Class: Cleric, Level Adjustment +2

Class Abilities:
Turn/Rebuke Undead

Common, Elven, Undercommon, Drow Sign, Abyssal

Daylight Adaptation
Combat Casting
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration
Improved Initiative

Skills (Ranks/Total Modifier):
Concentration 10/10
Diplomacy 5/7
Heal 5/8
Intimidate 5/7
Knowledge-Arcana 10/13
Knowledge-History 5/8
Knowledge-Religion 10/13
Knowledge-Planes 5/8
Listen 2/8
Spellcraft 10/13
Spot 3/9
Spells Per Day: 0:6 1:6 2:6 3:5 4:5 5:3 6:2

Suggested Domains:


Suggested Equipment:
Darkmail (Chain Mail +3 of Fire Resistance), Saving Grace (Light Steel Shield +3), Ioun Stone: Pink Rhomboid (+2 Constitution), Ring of Faith (Adds one extra cleric spell levels 1-4), Wyvern's Tail (Morning Star +2, does 1d6 Acid Damage), Fire Tooth (Dagger +3 of Returning)

Character Overview:
Viconia's not one of those typical broody goody-two-shoes cursing-her-heritage surface-dweller-loving pansy exiled drow. Sure, she fled drow civilization (she was a tiny bit responsible for House DeVir losing favor with Lloth... and therefore ultimately for its demise at the hands of House Do'urden), and sure, she hates the drow for her cruel life–but she pretty much hates everyone else too. Born a female drow noble, she was raised to be commanding, superior, and heartless, and the kind of upbringing one goes through as a female drow noble doesn't fade easily. Viconia is a survivor, and she has used her arrogant and cold demeanor to protect her from all of the slings and arrows, literal and figurative, that the surface world have thrown at her. She became involved in the Bhaalspawn War, aiding the few surviving Bhaalspawn to victory, perhaps seeing in them something of herself: folk of despised heritage seeking to find their own place in the world–if not conquer it. If one can survive Viconia's tongue-lashings (and sometimes raging libido), one will find that Viconia feels quite alone and simply wants a place to belong. I am sure anyone who has told this to her face, however, has died painfully. She found comfort in the nihilistic darkness of Shar, the goddess whom she came to serve after she abandoned the service of Llolth. It's rumored she fell in love with one of the victorious former Bhaalspawn–and if that's the case, and the Bhaalspawn was not evil himself, it's possible that love and the acceptance that it brings has changed her for the better (although she's still no model of altruism).

Conversion Notes:
Yes: in the game, Viconia was supposed to have lost her spell-like abilities as a drow. Two problems with this in converting to 3.5 (or 3.0 for that matter): One, WotC declared that for whatever reason, the sun no longer diminishes drow abilities, and 2) I wasn't going to take away her spell-like abilities unless I could take away enough drow advantages from her that it would be worth dropping her level adjustment to +1. However, her spell resistance was intact in the CRPG, and the other advantages made sense for her, so I found it easiest to just make her a fully-capable drow. Also, you will note that both her racial abilities as an elf and her proficiencies as a cleric are, all in all, far more generous that what she had access to in the game (hence the dagger in her item list). Although in the CRPG most people equipped Viconia with maces and morningstars (or flails and hammers, which ironically she can't use now), in 3.5 she also has access to simple bladed weapons and crossbows as well as the elven proficiency weapons, so you may well feel moved to equip her less "traditionally" than otherwise (especially since Drow are so fond of blades). Finally: there is a slight problem if you are going with the romanced Neutral version of Viconia–according to Faiths and Pantheons, Shar only allows her clerics to be of Evil alignment. Moreover, her ending bio indicates she may have lost faith in Shar anyway–this woman goes through gods like crazy! You may want to either "house rule" her in and make her continue to serve Shar or find her a new god (if your Bhaalspawn is a god in your world, that'll work too).

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