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Jaheira Jaheira (D&D 3.5 Version)
Oh omnipresent authority figure, what are your commands now?

Neutral Half-Elf Druid (9) Fighter (6)

Hit Points: 116
Base Armor Class w/ Dex: 13
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30'
Base Attack Bonuses: +12/+7/+2
Total Melee Bonus: +15/+10/+5
Total Ranged Bonus: +15/+10/+5
Saves: Fort +14 Ref +9 Will +12

Ability Scores:

STR: 16 (+3)
DEX: 17 (+3)
CON: 17 (+3)
INT: 10 (0)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 15 (+2)

Racial Abilities:
Immune to Magical Sleep, +2 to saves versus Enchantment effects, low-light vision, +1 to Listen/Spot/Search, +2 to Diplomacy/Gather Information, Elven Blood, any multiclass

Class Abilities:
Fighter: Bonus fighter feats at first level and every even level

Druid: Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature's Lure, Wild Shape 3/day, Large Wild Shape, Venom Immunity, Spontaneous casting of Summon Nature's Ally spells. Restricted to the following weapons and armor: club, dagger, dart, staff, scimitar, sickle, short spear, sling, spear, padded armor, leather armor, hide armor, and wooden shields.

Character note: Jaheira prefers different kinds of bears for her Wild Shape.

Common, Elven, Chondathan, Druidic

Silent Spell
Spell Penetration
Natural Spell
Combat Casting
Weapon Focus: Quarterstaff
Weapon Specialization: Quarterstaff
Two Weapon Fighting
Two Weapon Defense
Power Attack

Skills (Ranks/Total Modifier):
Climb (4/7)
Concentration (7/10)
Diplomacy (4/8)
Handle Animal (5/7)
Heal (10/13)
Intimidate (8/10)
Jump (4/7)
Knowledge: Nature (7/7)
Knowledge: Geography (crossclass) (4/4)
Knowledge: Local-Harpers (crossclass) (7/7)
Listen (5/9)
Ride (4/6)
Spellcraft (7/7)
Spot (5/9)
Survival (7/10)
Swim (4/7)
Spells Per Day
Level 0: 6, Level 1: 5, Level 2: 5, Level 3: 4, Level 4: 2, Level 5: 1

Suggested Equipment:
Cromwell's Black Dragon Scale Armor (Hide Armor +3 of Improved Acid Resistance), Staff of Thunder and Lightning (Magical staff that, in addition to acting as a +2 Thundering Quarterstaff, contains one charge of Lightning Bolt, one charge of Call Lightning Storm, caster level 8), Cloak of Resistance +2

Character Overview:
Conflict and death has always seemed to be part of Jaheira's life: she lost her Tethyrian family in a feud when she was young, and was taken in by Druids who taught the young warrioress the comforts –and pain–bound within the patterns of nature. Becoming a servant to the concept of Balance, she joined the Harpers, where she met the man who would become her husband, Khalid, and the sage Gorion. It was through the latter that she got involved with the Bhaalspawn War–largely because when Gorion was killed by the Bhaalspawn Sarevok, the better-intentioned Bhaalspawn who had been raised by Gorion and his fellows in Candlekeep (including young Imoen) sought out Jaheira and Khalid for help. Khalid was later killed by the heartless mage Irenicus, who sought the secret of the power of the Bhaalspawn and their companions. Some say that the grieving Jaheira sought comfort from another ward of Gorion, others say she never loved again. Indeed, it might be hard to tell, as Jaheira was always a master of hiding her own emotions, save perhaps annoyance or pride. Jaheira certainly believes in "tough love" and often takes on the role of teaching the less experienced (or those she thinks of as less experienced) around her. Despite her need to help and teach others, however, she severed her ties with the Harpers, some of whom (foolishly) mistrusted her alliance with the wards of Gorion. Although loyal to her companions and proud of her part in helping end the Bhaalspawn War, the events weighed heavy on her heart, and afterward she made sure her travels never brought her to Tethyr, Amn, or the area around Baldur's Gate again.

Conversion Notes:
Jaheira threatens several other NPCs with bonking them with her staff, so I made that her feat-weapon of choice. I kept her item list small, as there are a number of ways to customize. BGII had a lot of special hide and shell armors that technically Jaheira as a druid could wear (such as the Ankheg Plate Mail), which is among the things to think about. Another thing to think about is that Jaheira is entitled to an animal companion, something she never had in the CRPG but might be cool. And speaking of things she didn't have, I only wish she had something like "Natural Spell" in the CRPG–but she can have it now, and I thought it quite apropos for her, so there we are.

Baldur's Gate II and Planescape: Torment are products of Wizards of the Coast, Bioware, Black Isle Studios, and Interplay. Dungeons and Dragons is a Wizards of the Coast product, and they are the creators of the Open-Game Licensed d20 System. All specific creative content regarding the images and basic descriptions of these characters belongs to the aforementioned parties. The information shared here is for the use of the players of D&D and I gain no profit from it, save for the profit of fun.

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