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Wind Hawk

Background Cost: 3
Wind Hawk is said to have formed from a fallen tailfeather of the great Thunderbird. When the fledgling hawk landed, he marveled at the amazing and wondrous things he found on the ground, so hard to see from above, even with Thunderbird's keen vision. Wind Hawk flew back to Thunderbird and told him about all the things he found. Pleased, the great spirit sent his offspring back to pick up more information and share it with worthy brethren and children.

Far less temperamental and dangerous than his forebear, Wind Hawk rides the West Wind, seeking out knowledge wherever he can, particularly in search of knowledge that may weaken the Wyrm's hold on the once-Pure Lands. He takes his role as messenger very seriously, and though is not the most powerful of spirits, he will do whatever it takes to deliver his message. Wind Hawk seeks allies like himself–observant and daring folk who will make good messengers. For obvious reasons, he most often allies with Pumonca.

Favors: Wind Hawk may grant worthy Children an extra Perception die. He has also been known to grant bird-related Gifts, such as Spirit of the Bird and Eye of the Hawk

Bans: Wind Hawk's Children, upon learning an important or useful piece of information, must share it with someone who needs or will benefit from the information. This requirement often discourages Bastet who would otherwise join him–who would want to give up a good secret so readily?

Some Suggested Charms: Airt Sense, Reform, Materialize, Create Wind


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