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Grace Fall-from-Grace (D&D 3.5 Version)
I believe that there is a truth to the Multiverse, even if that truth is that there is no truth at all.

Lawful Neutral Succubus Cleric (9)

Hit Points: 103
Base Armor Class w/ Dex & Natural: 22
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30', fly 50'
Base Attack Bonuses: +12/+7/+2
Total Melee Bonus: +13/+8/+3
Total Ranged Bonus: +15/+10/+5
Saves: Fort +11 Ref +11 Will +14

Ability Scores:

STR: 13 (+1)
DEX: 16 (+3)
CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 16 (+3)
WIS: 16 (+3)
CHA: 21 (+5)

Racial Abilities:
Darkvision 60', +8 to Listen/Spot, Damage Reduction 10/Cold Iron or Good, Immune to electricity and poison, Resistance 10 to acid, cold, and fire, Spell Resistance 18, telepathy 100', Tongues (permanent effect), Energy drain attack (successful hit bestows one negative level; victim must make a Will save DC 19 or be under suggestion effect), Summon Tanar'ri (30% chance of summoning 1 vrock per day), Spell-like abilities, caster level 12: Charm Monster (DC 20), Detect Good, Detect Thoughts (18), Ethereal Jaunt (self + 50' lbs of objects), Polymorph (humanoid forms only; no limit to duration), Suggestion (DC 19), and Greater Teleport(self + 50' lbs of objects), all monster skills are class skills, character level adjustment +6

Class Abilities:
Turn or rebuke undead, aura of Neutrality, spontaneous casting of healing spells

Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Infernal, Common, Auran (although all irrelevant due to inherent Tongues ability)

Spring Attack
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration

Skills (Ranks/Total Modifier):
Bluff (5/10)
Concentration (6/9)
Diplomacy (5/11)
Disguise (4/9)
Escape Artist (4/7)
Heal (5/8)
Knowledge: Arcana (4/7)
Knowledge: Local-Sigil (5/8)
Knowledge: Planes (8/11)
Knowledge: Religion (3/6)
Profession: Madam (5/8)
Sense Motive (cross-class) (3/8)
Spellcraft (5/8)
Survival (7/10)

Spell Domains
Knowledge (All Knowledge skills are class skills; gain +1 DC/level to divination spells)

Travel (Once per day, can act as if under Freedom of Movement spell for 1 round per cleric level, survival is a class skill)

Spells Per Day
Orisons: 6, 1: 5, 2: 5, 3: 4, 4: 2, 5: 1

Suggested Equipment:
Bodice of the Godless Priest (Leather armor +3, gives Grace 3 additional first level spells and 2 additional second level spells), Fall-from-Grace's Earrings (+1 deflection bonus to saving throws, +5 Spell Resistance (stacks with her natural resistance), Fall-from-Grace's Diary ("A lady must have her secrets"). Grace carries no weapons, attacking with her claws (which do 1d6 +1 damage) or her Energy Drain ability.

Character Overview:
Early in her life, Fall-from-Grace was sold by her mother into slavery to the Baatezu, granting her an unusual perspective on both the Baatezu (devils) and her own race, the Tanar'ri (demons). She gained her freedom by challenging a Pit Fiend to a contest of improvisation and winning, counting on her demonic tendency toward chaos to help her. Disgusted though intrigued by her experiences as a devil's slave (and moreover disgusted by the Blood War) Fall-from-Grace became determined to be absolutely unlike her mother, striving to avoid her natural succubus urges and became a Planar rarity: a fallen demon. She left the Lower Planes to experience the rest of the Multiverse, believing that understanding the Planes is the key to understanding oneself; she holds faith in the power of Experience so strongly that she serves as a "priestess" to that Ethos. Naturally, her beliefs fall well into that of the Society of Sensation of Sigil, where she has become a respected member of that faction. While in Sigil she ran the Brothel of Sating Intellectual Lusts, where her women entertained the guests with stories and cerebral challenges rather than pleasures of the flesh. She joined the being known as the Nameless One to experience the Multiverse through his eyes; like him she knows well the pain of trying to change one's nature. She may now be back in Sigil or wandering the Planes, looking for new experiences. Unlike most succubi, she usually keeps her natural form– although it's arguable that if she landed in a Prime, she'd likely shift to something less conspicuous.

Conversion Notes:
BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: I did the best I could to follow the monster class rules as possible; seeing as I only have the DMG to guide me, I could have well screwed up. So if you see any problems, please let me know. I considered tweaking her monster abilities to make her more match the Torment version, but it was such a headache converting her, I decided not to. In this version here she has a lot more abilities than she uses in the CRPG–however, it's quite arguable that Grace had the abilities–she just chose not to use them out of the sake of "experiencing" something new (or they would be useless to her–I doubt she has much reason to try summoning a Vrock). More enterprising folks than myself might want to try making a version of her eliminating her spell-like abilities and her summoning ability and dropping her level adjustment by 1. If you do make or have a better version, by all means submit it! I picked her domains as the what I thought were best ones to reflect the Ethos of Experience.

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