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Minis for a Forgotten Realms Game

My friend John has been running a Forgotten Realms game on and off, and I volunteered to make miniatures for the battle map (and they're sort of mini character portraits too). These will be the party pics (the monk and cleric are yet to be photographed).

Aeric the Bladesinger
This is Aeric, my friend Garret's Bladesinger. He is a fey'ri who normally travels in the guise of a half-Gold-elf. This is a Reaper Warlord figure; I cut off the sword-arm and sculpted on a new one with greenstuff (the rapier comes from another figure). This was the first time I sculpted something as ambitious as an arm, and while not perfect, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, considering my lack of experience.

Imari the Sorceress and her familiar
Imari is a fire genasi sorceress; she is pictured here with her pseudodragon familiar Nuri (we think he is begging for beer). Her player Jeanne did not want a bright orangey genasi as you often see in the books, but wanted for a deep red instead; her hair is black with orange inside, like glowing embers. She's made with a Reaper Warlord figure called "Kyla, Bounty Hunter"; I attached a bitz hand instead of her crossbow hand and sculpted on the fireball with greenstuff. I attempted an ambient "glow" onto her bracer from the fireball which ain't too bad for a first attempt, but that's a technique I need to work on. Nuri comes from one of the Reaper Dark Heaven familiar packs.


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