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Christina's Cygnar

This is the beginning of my friend Christina's Cygnar army. She warns me there is much more to come for me to paint, but she has graciously given me a break after painting these... so I can catch up on the work I have to do for other people. *smile* She asked for relatively traditional, "but everyone shouldn't look the same," and wanted a "worn but well cared for" look on the warjacks. I tried to do the latter by just some rough brushwork and adding some tin bitz "scratches" on it; I didn't want to go overboard with the battle damage so I erred on the subtle side.

I am still working on my macro camera skills, and I especially apologize for the outside-pics, but these're the best I've got. I hope they'll do. Note the Cygnar blue shade is a tad darker and deeper in tone in real life. Click on the links for larger pictures and other angles.

StrykerCommander Stryker.

IroncladIronclad Heavy Warjack

ChargerCharger Light Warjack

LancerLancer Light Warjack

HaleyEiryssHaley, Eiryss, and other 'Casters and Solos


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