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Bast (two versions)

The Ancient Egyptians believed that every being had a ka, a spiritual aspect of the self that represented the psyche; the ka also served as an avatar, essentially, for the being itself. While mere mortals only had one ka, it was possible that higher beings had several, representing different aspects of that entity's purpose. Perhaps this is why some depictions of the cat goddess Bast are of a playful and protective goddess, and others are of an angry, snake-slaying feline; Bast is often associated with the gentle mother goddess Hathor and the vicious warrior goddess Sekhmet. Raging or playful, Bast is always a mother, always protective, and always, always, a cat.

These spirits represent different aspects of Bast, and in turn are probably aspects of the High and Holy Mother of Catkind revered by all the folk. Given their Egyptian origins, these Jamak spirits most often ally with the Bubasti–but either especially fierce or cunning (or preferably, both) Bastet from other tribes may gain the favor of one of these spirits as well.

(Note: While I certainly did my research before creating these Jamaks, I also admit to taking some poetic license here; I was more interested in making fun and lively jamaks than making something historically "accurate"–especially since there are many interpretations as to what "accurate" is when it comes to Egyptian mythology.)

Bast the Joyful
Background Cost: 4
This golden woman-cat in ancient times was the patroness and guardian of the city of Bubastis. There, she was honored as a protector of children and mothers, bringer of fertility, and patroness of joy. Drawing strength from both the sun and moon, she embodies a balance between love and rage. Bast is playful, mischievous, and very wise, and loves to be around people–sometimes watching them from afar, other times joining unwitting mortals in whatever activity they may be engaging in. Show disrespect to her or the Earth, or worse, show evidence of corruption, and this kitty can show her claws. Still, she is more apt to work to protect innocents rather than take a direct offensive. She tends to ally with Folk who will interact with many kinds of people and who will make good protectors. Her children are usually also nurturing and fun-loving Folk–or at least they will be by the time she's done with them.

Favors: Like the greater Mistress of Catkind, Bast the Joyful is most likely to simply appear and give advice to a cat. To particularly deserving Folk, she can teach or grant gifts appropriate to her favorite domains (mostly ones related to healing and fertility, as well as many relating to cat-abilities, such as Catfeet). The Storyteller may deem the extent and limitations of her knowledge.

Ban: If a Child of Bast the Joyful sees a child or kit in danger, she must do all she can to protect them, even at the risk of her own life.

Some Suggested Charms: Airt Sense, Reform, Materialize, Healing, Shapeshifting, Cleanse the Blight.

Bast the Rageful (Bast-Sekhmet)
Background Cost: 4
The Cat-goddess, outside of Bubastis, was often connected to the warrior lion-goddess Sekhmet. This spirit, born out of both the fierce lion and the clever cat, is honored as the representive of the sun's fire. She leads Catkind in their sacred duty to fight the Serpents of Apep, who forever try to swallow the Holy Light of the Sun. Although this Bast may also have her playful aspects, her main concern is the war against the forces of darkness. She usually favors Folk inclined to fighting, but has been known to take on less aggressive Children for their ability to gain knowledge on how to weaken Apep. After all, secrets are important to any feline.

Favors: The Raging Bast's temperament extends to her Children, giving them a -1 difficulty to frenzy, but on the upside, she will often grant her Children Gifts or other boons to aid their fighting; she may lend some of her Rage to her Child, giving them for a short time extra temporary Rage to spend whilst fighting. Rumors say that she is even capable of teaching her children to be able to retain some of their wisdom whilst in frenzy, granting them the merit: Berserker. She may teach war or fire-related Gifts, as well as more cat-related ones.

Ban: The Children of Bast the Rageful must dedicate their lives to fighting servants of Apep, especially those in Apep's most obvious form: the Setites. A Child of Bast-Sekhmet who hears of Setites in the area must hunt them down or be abandoned by this Jamak, and in general the Child is expected to be a tireless hunter of those tainted by Asura.

Some Suggested Charms: Airt Sense, Reform, Materialize, Shapeshifting, Cleanse the Blight, Armor, Blast Flame.


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