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In the Village:

 The Armory
 The Woodland Tavern
 The Shallowthorn Inn
 The Mapmaker

Out of the Village:

 Questing Redwall
 The WMC

Areas donated by:


Most pictures and all HTML is  1997 Starbuck II

The best place this side of the River Moss!

Hello, my good friend!
Stay and rest a while, wot wot?
Afterwards, I'll take ya' to whichever place ya want to see!
The stuff we have is to your bally left-hand side.

Before you leave though, we've got a ol' scroll for ya to sign, dontcha' know.
It has the names and comments of a lot of other travelin' chaps and chappeses.
Would you like to sign along wit' them?

Sign the Shallowthorn Scroll    View the Shallowthorn Scroll