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World AIDS Day: December 1, 2001

2001: I Care, Do You?

2000: AIDS: Men Make a Difference Last year's theme centered around men because men can help stop the spread of HIV.

Worldwide, HIV is being spread primarily through heterosexual sex (70% of new cases)

Men need to take responsibility for protecting the women and children around them.


2000: AIDS: Men Make a Difference

1999: Listen, Learn, Live! World AIDS Campaign with Children and Young People

1998: Force for Change: World AIDS Campaign with Young People

1997: 'Children Living in a World with AIDS'

1996: One World. One Hope

1995 Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities

1994 AIDS and the Family

1993 Time to Act

1992 AIDS: A Community Commitment

1991 Sharing the Challenge

1990 Women and AIDS

1989 Our lives, Our World - Let's Take Care of Each Other

1988 A World United Against AIDS

Ideas for World AIDS Day

Resources for World AIDS Day

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