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pokemon cheats

pokemon cheat num#1

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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! I have codes you need to get through your Pokemon Journey for the Gameboy game.Some of this cheats will mess your game up so it is at your own risk!
Multiply your items Go to Viridian city and talk to that old guy that says do you know how to catch a Pokemon say no.Then fly to Cinnabar Island. Put the item you want to multiply in the 6th spot in your item list. Go up and down the right of the island on the coast.Then you will get in battle and you will fight a messed up pokemon beat him and your 6th item will increase and next to that item there will be a messed up picture.
Multiply Pokemon If you or your friend has a pokemon you or he wants, one person gets the pokemon he doesnt like and the other gets the pokemon the other person likes. Get into a trade and near the end when it says WAITING right when it disapears the person with the pokemon he doesnt like turn off its game. The other person must wait at least 5 seconds then turn off his game.
Catch Safari Pokemon at Seafoam island Go to the Safari zone and go to the area where you want to catch that pokemon at. Use all your time in that one grassy area then go to Seafoam island. Go up and down the coast until you get in a pokemon battle. It will be a Safari Pokemon.
Turn a Pokeball into a Master ball Hold up and B when you throw your pokeball and right when it is caught let go of up and B.
Missingno. It has said to be Houou,(Golden Bird) since it has Sky attack. To find him, Go to Cinnabar island and go up and down the coast and when you are attack it might be Missingno.
Togepi People tell me you can get Togepi but Im not sure. To get him you must have 152 Pokemon then go to the closest trainer near Bills Place and she will tell you were Togepi is.
Mew To get Mew you must have a Gameshark or a GameGeni. Here is the GameGeni Code, 151-91A-F7E 151-93A-F7E 151-9BA-6EB Go West of Cerulean City in the grassy area and catch him before he transforms or he will be a Ditto. Here is the gameshark code, 0115D8CF Go to any grassy area and fight. You will fight a messed up pokemon catch it then use it during battle and it will be a Mew.
Special Pokemon Pikablu, Charcolt, Rainer, and Sapusaur. Pikablu is Pikachus 3rd form. Charcolt is Charmanders 4th form. Rainer is Squirtles 4th form. Sapusaur is Bulbasaurs 4th form. This is the Game shark codes, Pikablu = 01E764D1 Charcolt = 01E264D1 Rainer = 01C064D1 Sapusaur = 01E364D1
Useful Codes These codes might erase your game.There also for Gameshark. Infinite Energy = 01ff16d0 No Random Battles = 01033cd1 Infinite Money = 01997d3, 019948d3, 019949d3
Easy Fishing Use a super rod and when it says Ash used super rodturn the d-pad clockwise really fast. It works most of the time.
More Special Pokemon These are for Gameshark and are pokemon we really dont know. Psybur = 01E164D1 Psybird = 01E164D1 Locustud = 01E46DA Raticlaw = 01ED64D1 Spooky = 01F164D1 Anthrax = 6FBFD8C Roton = 0100D8CF Beepin and Millienium = 01F564D1 These codes might not work!
Tips If you trade a raichu with a friend, you have a slim chance of it evolving to pika.
Duplicate Pokemon Have one game with a junky pokemon and the other with the pokemon you want duplicated. Go to a trade center and trade the junky pokemon for the good one. Right before it says trade complete and the screen is blank turn the game with the good pokemon off and then you should both have the good pokemon.
Extra Money Just keep fighting the Elite Four over and over again, since they give you about 6000 each. How to Get Mewtwo When you beat Giovanni at the Silph Co. building go to the president he willgive you a Master Ball. Save the Master Ball. Then after you beat the ElitFour go to the cave that use to have a guard at the entrance there are tons of pokemon there but only use the Master Ball on Mewtwo.
How to Catch the 3 Mystical Pokemon First get lots of Ultra Balls. Then get a pokemon that knows sleep powder or sing. After that go to one of the mystical pokemon and make him fall asleep. Quickly while he's asleep throw a ultra pokeball and if that does not work, hurt him and throw a ultra ball.
How to Get Lapras In the Silph Co. building just before you enter the presidents office and fight Giovanni theres 2 people standing there, one is your rival and the other is an employee. After you defeat your rival go to the employee and he will give you a Lapras. The Lapras will be at level 15.
Easy Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard When your Pikachu evolves into Raichu, trade it five times with a friend and then call it's nickname Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard and it will be that pokemon.
Missingno, aka Pokemon #000 First have a pokemon with surf and surf up and down the east coast of cinnabar islands. Before you can fight Missingno. You have to go in the first door inside the pokemon lab on Cinnibar Island and trade with one of the trainers in there. Eventually you might fight called missingno. It does lots of damage but is easy to kill. It looks like a mass of dots flying around. Just throw balls at it to catch it. Be warned, having this pokemon can crash your game. It is number 000 in the pokedex and doesn'thave an entry. It has a high attack but all its other stats are really low. If you dont want to risk your game, don't catch it.
Moon Stones There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not. 1) In the upper-lefthand corner of the first floor of Mt. Moon. 2) In the basement of the game corner. 3) In the bottom-right corner of Route 2 (CUT). 4) In Mt. Moon, before the supernerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide, go to the end of it and press A and poof! you have a Moon Stone. 5) In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the right-hand side near the entrance hit A and it will say you found a Moon Stone.
Duplicate Items Put the item you want to be duplicated number six on the items list. Then go to Viridian city and talk yo the guy that shows you how to catch pokemon. With the silph scope on your items list also, go to cinnabar island and surf along the east coast so your body is half on water half on land. The first pokemon that shows up should be an unknown pokemon named missingo Now go to the sixth item on the list and there will be a blob next to a number indicating you have over 99 of that item. Do this with nugges to get infinite money; with rare candies to get all your pokemon at level hundred; and with the moon stone or any other item.
How To Catch Pikablu and Dipogathie in blue/red Version Get a Snorlax and teach it surf. Then surf up and down the east cost of Cinnibar Island 20 Times. Then go to Safari Zone, The Fist, you'll see Dipogathie. Just throw a Safari Ball. Then Pikablu's Turn, throw 3 bates and catch it.
How To Get The Pokemon Gods
1.You have to have 150 reguler pokemon 2.Get the 3 legendary birds and three geodudes 3.Put the 3 bird at the top of the active pokemon and the geodudes at the bottom of the active 6. 4.Go to mr.psychic in saffron city. to him he will say something different then he regulerly says. now that you have the access code in you need the blue and red versions of the game.
Mew-one of the games must have all of the hm and tms. thrade a pokemon that has cut,serf,and strength. When you get to where the ssanne is you surf around it and there will be a rock move the rock and you will get mew in a pokeball. Charcolt-Go to the guy how says that he likes graverler he will give you charcolt
Flareth-get 4 moltreses by trading put the moltreses in the your pokemon group with no other pokemon. Go to the gril in the top of the store she says that she wonts a drink. Talk to her 100 times and she will give you Flareth.
Pikblu-Go to cerulean city with your surfing pokemon surf along the side of it and dig if you dig in the right spot you will find Pikablu