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Rhino's Home Page

Welcome, My page is getting a lot better and growing fast! If you like this page, then click on "Awesome Home Pages" and see some of my others. -Ryan
LAST UPDATED =) 8/28/99

More About Me!

My pokedex!

My pokmon I have adopted!

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Nintendo 64's Upcoming Releases!

Pokemon Adoption!

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Pokemon Cheats!

My girl friend Amanda !

Meet my Pikachu "___"

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I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

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My Favorite Web Sites-

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Hotmail - Free E-mail
WildJJ's Home Page

My Favorites-

  • My Favorite Band- KoRn
  • My Favorite Colors- Red & Black
  • My Favorite Tv Show- South Park
  • My Favorite Movie- Hackers
  • My Favorite Truck- Chevy
  • My Favorite Gender- Female
  • My Favorite Electronics Company- Sony
  • My Favorite Season- Spring
  • My Favorite N64 Game- Smash Bros
  • My Favorite State- California
  • My Favorite Best Friends- Too many to name! :-)