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CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE UNIVERSAL CONSTANT ---- Experience Equals Mind Times Consciousness Squared.

Estefan Lambert opens his essay Does Consciousness Evolve? with the implicit statement that consciousness is the Universal Constant. Lambert writes: "Consciousness is the integrator of existence therefore consciousness cannot evolve since the increasing integration required by evolution presupposes and requires that consciousness already exist, otherwise no such increasing integration could be achieved. Therefore consciousness has always existed throughout the universe and throughout infinite time. It is the universal constant that generates all the symmetries and harmonics throughout existence. It is the principle of the unified field.

"Consciousness is not evolving, it always is, ageless, as uncaused awareness. It is the only principle in the universe that is self-moved, self-determined and self-organizing and therefore it is the source of all energy, of evolution and not one of its effects. What is evolving are the possible vehicles of consciousness and these vehicles are generated via the agency of a freewill species. Consciousness does not evolve because it cannot be created. Only a being belonging to a freewill species can realize consciousness itself and on this basis generate evolutionary changes in the universe; but these are not changes in consciousness itself.

Such evolutionary changes can eventually generate beings who can create universes by means of consciousness. A universal progenitor enjoys no exclusive unicity as claimed by traditional monotheism, the possible number of creator beings--like the possible number of universes--is limitless.

"On the universal scale only androgynous beings create worlds and for this they must have available a limitless sexual force. All the progenitor gods of the most ancient cosmological accounts are androgynous entities and the universe is the excess of their ecstasies, which is to say, that they are in a permanent condition of sexual union as in the yab-yum symbolism in Tibetan iconography.[1] From a certain point of view the earth itself can be considered feminine, but from a larger perspective it is androgynous. It is self-fecundating; all species contain self-reproductive functions that ultimately emerge from the earth considered as a life-field. The earth contains both male and female potencies which appear in all the forms of sexual polarization to be found in all species. It perpetuates itself as a living being through entirely androgynous functions."

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