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IN August and September 2011 I went to Cairns with my Dad (pictured, in the top right-hand side photo) to escape the southern winter and also see some birds, which are his big passion. The highlight of the trip was to be a birdwatching tour of Cape York peninsula, which is one of the world's last great wilderness areas. With its vast expanses of tropical savannah, etc, Cape York is home to a vast number of bird species. Brolgas, jabirus, cockatoos both black and snowy white, and swarms of rainbow lorikeets which sometimes covered the sky. Of the x number of birds that can be seen in Cape York, Dad and I saw just over 100. In particular, however, my Dad had his heart set on seeing two specimens: the red goshawk, and the golden-shouldered parrot. To find them we enlisted the aid of a professional bird watcher, David (Chook) Crawford from Close-Up Birding Adventures, who actually has a golden-shouldered parrot painted on his vehicle (fifth photo from the top, on the right-hand side.) Chook did not disappoint... we saw the parrots which were his emblem.