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Welcome To The Bun-E-Maze!

Welcome to the Mesa Goat Hill Go-Getters 4-H Rabbit Project Home Page. I created this page to be especially helpfull to my 4-H rabbit project members. Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can come back after visiting the links.

This is Babs, our adorable holland lop. Babs has great personality and is very photogenic. She has never been to a rabbit show, so you might say she does all her showing off at home. Babs came to live at the Lucky Bunnies rabbitry in May of 1999, and is the only holland in our rabbitry so far.

This is where you could really get lost. Bookmark this page now so you can come back and then have fun surfing the Bun-E-homes of our webrings!

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Hot Summer Plans for Really Cool Rabbits

  • Temps over 80 degrees Fahrenheit can be very uncomfortable to your rabbit.
  • Make sure that hutches are in a well ventilated area and in the shade.
  • Improve ventilation with fans if nessisary.
  • Freeze 2 liter bottles of water. Rabbits love to lay next to these on a hot day. Two for each rabbit; one in the freezer and the other with your rabbit.
  • Saturate rabbits fur with water.
  • Hang burlap over the sides of hutches and saturate with water.
  • If you are planning on installing a water mist cooling system, this is the time to do it. Why not install automatic drinkers while your at it.
  • Plant edible vines such as honeysuckle, passion flower, or green beans near the hutches for shade.
  • Place soaker hoses around hutches for extra cooling. Great idea for keeping those worm beds going through the summer too!
  • Enjoy your summer knowing that your rabbits are keeping their cool!


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