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The Diablo Story:
After 20 years, the Lamborghini Countach had become a myth to those who couldn't afford it and a legend to those who just loved it. What was Lamborghini to do, seeing that the company was built around the concept that ordinariness and exceptance meant the need for something new. In November 1985, Lamborghini embarked on a new project to surpass the best. The engineers at Lamborghini Automobili knew that the task of creating a new car was a tough one; it was clear that any new Lamborghini had to perpetuate the standards that were established by the Countach. the requirements for this project was very simple; continue TO BE THE NUMBER ONE. Some values of the Lamborghini tradition had to be carried into the future; (1) have a very aggressive design without using merely aesthetic parts, and (2) build a real car that could be used in every part of the world. And so with that, the creation of the Lamborghini Diablo began, with Project 132.

On February 1986, Marcello Gandini was appointed the designer of this new beast. Gandini also worked on the Miura and Countach projects--so it was only natural that he be choosen to design the Diablo. Keeping the traditional values of Lamborghini in mind---it took the team of Project 132 four years to complete. Running into and building on the difficulties faced in those four years resulted in another automobile that would sure to make history for the Lamborghini name once again. Everything from new management to stricter anti-pollution laws to safety requirements were tackled by the team of more than 100 people of Project 132.

In the end, more than 500,000 km of road tests had been performed, with the engine being tested for no less than 10,000 hours at the bench, a machine capable of 202 mph, and a 0-100 mph in less then 5 sec., was unleashed to the public at the Monte Carlo during the second Lamborghini day on January 20, 1990. The initial goal of Project 132--- to build the number one car in the world---was met in four years and The Diablo was finally ready to take over the tradition of the Miura and the Countach.

Diablo SE Diablo VT

Diablo SE Diablo 2WD

Diablo VT Diablo SE

Diablo SE Diablo SE

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