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Enemies, Allies, and Alliances of the AoA

Here is a list of the enemies, allies and alliances of the AoA.

Allies: The Freedom Dragons are the first squadron that we have allied with and are an ally that we are glad to have on our side. We were allied through Cyphis leader of the AoA and Morgeth leader of the Freedom Dragons Click here to go to the Freedom Dragons Page!

The Assassin Renegades are an elite squad that is allied with the AoA we were allied with them through AoA_wAr and the AR leader Admiral Rendar. Click here to go to the Assassin Renegades Page!

The Mercenary Pilots Alliance are also a outlaw squad that shares many of the views that the AoA do. Click here to go to the Mercenary Pilots Alliance Page!

Alliances We are one of the Head Squads in the ATFA, We are not at liberty to give out any other information about this alliance but when it is ready to surface there will devestating results in the zone.


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