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What's New with the AoA

On this page you will find out what is new with the AoA, Including new recruits new alliances, and any new enemies.

Tuesday August 11, 1998 ****

Welcome everyone to the AoA News!I am wAr,field reporter,chief and producer of the AoA News! Well there have been little to no major events happening in the AoA,however, the AoA and the Imperial Enforcement may have put their differnces aside to ally.But,I,myself think they are on shaky ground.

We also have new recruit to our ever growing organization,his name is RIP and he entered the AoA this week and will be a valuable addition to our forces. There is word spreading that there will be a plethora of squads allying against the Tie Fighter Alliance,but remember this is only speculation and is not definte information. ,also,the high members of the AoA are playing around with the idea of an AoA Jedi Knight Squad. the AoA will begin exhibition games with the their ally,the Freedom Dragons by the end of the month.

And finally, Cyphis Leader of the AoA has been away on vacation for about 5 weeks or so and hasn't been able to do much on the net, so he has appointed me in charge of internal affairs. What that means is if he is away then I will be handling all the e-mail, new recruits, page modifacations, updates, and alliances. But don't worry this page isn't going to go to chaos I'll be talking to Cyphis every week or so, and I'll be telling him the changes I've made and if they are not to his liking then they're gone. well that's all. I was told that there would be some more news in two to three days concerning current alliance's (I think there is a new one that was formed) so come back soon to find out.

Thursday, August 20th, 1998. ****

Well,wAr here again with the latest news for the AoA!This Monday past I success- fully recruited a new member to our ever growing and strengthening squadron. His callsign for now is Rogue 5,but we haven't changed it yet.

Tuesday, August 25th, 1998 ****

Hi every one, this is wAr, head of the AoA's news. Any way, we have had a tidal wave of new recruits,thanks to wAr and Abbadon I think there are 7 or 8 of them and I am sorry but i do not know they're call signs so i can not post them at the moment but as soon as i find out what they are I will post them. Cyphis has started making custom missions for the members of the AoA, if any one has any requests on mission themes contact our leader Cyphis, at Well there is a new Jedi Knight Squadron that I am thinking of making, called the secret service, we have some files (NOT HACKS) that let us take on the shape of anything in the game, anything from walls, doors, switches, guns, or even ammo. we are only letting a select few into this squad, about 6 people so if you or any one you know thinks they are capable of getting in to the SS (secret Service) then contact me and we will arrange a tryout date. We have also devided the AoA into squads, War, Pestilence, Famine, Death, and the Elite Apocalypse squadron. the only difference in the squads is that Apocalypse squadron only allows the best of the best in. And the AoA have made a Balance of Power (expansion to XvT) squadron called ArchAngel Squadron. And Finally I am still away on vacation and only seldomly get on to the net so as soon as I get back the AoA will start to do some serious gaming.

Saturday August 29th ****

wAr here again,since the leader of the AoA Cyphis seems to think I have been "neglecting my duties to the AoA" I will be doing the news every day just to make our "fearless leader" happy. So come by everyday for all the latest news!

Sunday August 30th ****

wAr here again,sorry to say there is no new news!

**** Friday October 9, 1998 Well I'm back and I am able to use the net again, well considering that I gave wAr the password to the AoA's email and he has not done anything here for the last MONTH, among other things that has made me angry at him, any way I have stripped him of his position on the AoA's news, and have appointed a new writer, Abbadon, the second person to join the AoA. hopefully he will take this job as serious as it is unlike wAr. Any way, until he gets his computer fixed I will be doing the news. Yes me your fearless leader will be writing the news. So lets get down to business, there has been an overwhelming amount of recruits to the AoA since last time wAr had updated the page, and here they are (in no order what so ever): Devil, Dark Angel the second, GoalieBoy, Hard Able1, The Fallen, Barkojva, Weasle, A176, And the Newest recruit... Morgeth!! well morgeth leads me to my next topic, alliance news, if anyone out there is a hard core AoA fan or at least knows who our allies and their leaders are then they would recognise the name Morgeth, I'll give you a sec to think about it. Ok here it is our first ally the Freedom Dragons have been disbanded by their leader Morgeth!! And Morgeth him self has Joined the AoA as second in command, the reason I gave him this high command so easily is because I know him personally so I know if he is any good and if he will stay true to the AoA, and I also know he is a DAMN GOOD PILOT!! The next thing I got to tell you is that I have added two new squadrons to the AoA, Redemptor and Vindictor squadrons. I have remade the mission page, and as you can see updated the news page. Well that's all i can think of for now, see ya all later. And remember AoA is 4 Life!! Cyphis

**** Monday October 11 1998

Attention all!! About a year ago we at the AoA made the AoA's logo, as u can see at the bottom of the page, well we knew that the logo was only temporary, and we would like anyone to send in a drawing or a discription of what they would like to see as the AoA's logo (preferably a drawing), send all entries to: , the pic that we pick, will become the AoA's official Logo and the artist that drew the pick will be recognized on this page, if they are in the AoA they will also become leader of a squadron, we hope to get alot of feedback so get working on those logo's, and send them in! Cyphis