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The Angels of Apocalypse

When a man's heart is full of deceit it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. From the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse, a wrong that must be righted. We look to the heavens for a vindicator, some one to strike fear into the black hearts of the same people who created him. The battle between good and evil has begun. Against an army of shadows come fallen angels, purveyors of good, with a voice of silence, and a mission of justice. They will send they're plagues across the universe and only those who bear their mark shall be spared.
These... are... the Angels of the Apocalypse.

We are an elite X-wing vs. Tie Fighter squadron that does not obey the rules of the New Republic and will not be controlled by the Empire. We are a foe to be reckoned with!

Your Honor is your life, Let none Dispute it.

Attention all!! About a year ago we at the AoA made the AoA's logo, as u can see at the bottom of the page, well we knew that the logo was only temporary, and we would like anyone to send in a drawing or a discription of what they would like to see as the AoA's logo (preferably a drawing), send all entries to: , the pic that we pick, will become the AoA's official Logo and the artist that drew the pick will be recognized on this page, if they are in the AoA they will also become leader of a squadron, we hope to get alot of feedback so get working on those logo's, and send them in! Cyphis

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