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Trini Slang

Trini Phrase Translation
A-A (Ay-Ay) This is often used to express surprise or disdain often accompanied by a shake of the head or upraised eyebrows.
Ah eh able Literally "I'm not able"- used when a person cannot keep up with an event or a person.
All now At this very moment.
Fal Forcing Ah lime When a person simply joins a conversation without an invitation.
All yuh Everyone.
Pioneer One who moves to a new place to settle.
Back Squeeze To hold back on something.
Bad Drive A person who blatantly disregards another while driving.
Cut Eye A stern look of anger.
Fatigue/ole Talk Friendly harrasment.
Bah Jon A person who is extremly gruff or has a bad reputation.
Spranger/Piper One who will sell everything he owns cheaply to smoke .
Bad Lucky A person who is extremly unlucky.
Bad Mind Spiteful thoughts about a person.
Bad talk To gossip about someone.
Walking wit meh belly in meh hand Someone who is extremly hungry.
Beastly Cold Extremly cold.
Behind God Back A very distant place.
Dred, Ras, Boss, Supa, joe, breds,G Names to call friends or everyday people .
Check yuhself Be very careful and watch your manners/behaviour.
Boil down like bhaji To cool down quickly.
Bus' like crab back To fail at something terribly.
Bol Face A pushy obnoxious person.
Ride To leave or to depart.
Broughtupsy how a person was brought up, their decorum.
But wait nah Hold on. Wait a minute.
By the time In the meantime.
Buss meh brain To ponder seriously, to study extremly hard.
Doh make joke You must be kidding.
Pressure An exclamation to mean Oh dear.
Crapaud smoke yuh pipe You are in big trouble.
Pot Calling the Kettle Black Pointing out a fault in someone else, that is blatantly obvious in yourself.
Fuh Real An exclamation,such as: Honestly!.
Check it May I please have you attention.
Mantel A promiscuous man.
Hear dis/Hear what Listen to me for a minute.
Wha Vibes?/Wha's the real vibes Hi How are you? What are you doing right now?.
Skettle, Whajang,Mapipi Zanana, Jamette, Ole hoe A very promiscuous woman.
Gooshongpeng Not a very smart person. Can be used as a term of endearment.
Tabanca Love sickness