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FAQs of Libertarian Socialism/Anarchism

I'll briefly explain the following statements in the form of frequently asked questions.

What is Anarchy? Anarchy is derived form the ancient Greek words, "an", arkhe^", and means the absence of authority or government. However, for the past millenia it has been a general concensus that anarchy is disorder and chaos. Thanks largely in part to Luigi Galleani(1861-1931), Anarchists have been thought of as bomb toting terroists. The fact is Anarchism can be, and usually is, rational and orderly.

Isn't Socialism bad? Socialism is, as I understand it, the control of property and means of production by the workers. It's actually more like Direct Democracy when practiced without a centralized government.

Libertarian Socialists, is that like the American Libertarians? Definitly not, the American Libertarians are anarcho-capitalists. They protect the interest of the elite minority, not the working class. Newt Gingrich would have been an excellent spokesman for them, however he thought it would be best to act like he was helping the small business owners, but instead protect the elite minority by subsidizing them with public funds.

Aren't NAZIs Socialists? LIBERTARIAN SOCIALISM HAS NOTINIG TO DO WITH NAZISM. NAZI stands for National Socialists and is a regressive form of politics. In fact, Almost all nationalism that I am aware of is prejudice, often racist, and tend to approve of segregation by any means necessary.

So what are the goals of a Libertarian Socialist? The main goal is Education, Education, Education, Organization, Organization, and Organization with a working class emphasis. Only the people can make the best decisions for themselves that will eventually solve world problems.



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