By far the easiest meal to cook, and therefore the meal that I cook most often is pasta. All you do is boil water, then put the desired amount of pasta in it for a while. The amount of time varies depending on the type of pasta, but hints are normally given on the package somewhere. The best idea is to check it 5 minutes before it's supposed to be ready, and keep doing that untill it's cooked. Then stick to the same pasta since you know how long it takes to get ready. If you want a bit of variety get some frozen peas or carrots or corn and stick that in with the pasta.
You can put cheese on this pasta. The best way is to grate some cheddar (or justs cut it with a knife into little chunks), and then layer it with the pasta: pasta-cheddar-pasta-cheddar and so on till you run out of one ingredient or the other. Then leave it for five minutes untill the cheese melts.
A lot of people like sauce on their pasta, but when travelling you can have a hard time obtaining some conveniantly. Either it's 3 pounds or more, or you have to buy a huge glass jar that's incredibly cumbersome to carry, or some other thing. Howver, these things can be improvised. I found that soup works really well. Get yourself a nice packet of soup, you can get them small enough to feed one or two people and they are reasonably cheap. I chose cream of mushroom, to go for a bosciaola kind of taste. When you make the soup, only put in half the amount of water, mix it up into a kind of paste, and you have a lovely sauce for your pasta.

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