We who camp

My Good Self.

This is possibly the most decorus of photos I have from this trip. Coming from Australia, I found this place particularly enchanting.

My Good Woman

The river had been split, and was crossed by two bridges made of logs. You can't see the expression on Karla's face very clearly in this photo, but it's basically saying "See? I told you Mexico was wonderful".

Working Hard To Make A Living

Alright, I apologise for the Cold Chisel song, but it kept running through my head. While everyone else was having a good time swimming I was writing an article on governments using open source software to develop special projects. I really liked the location I worked in, though. Behind the photographer is the kitchen, with a number of old stone stoves in a semi-circle, and in there were dozens of butterflies which fluttered up around you when you disturbed them.

Incidentally, in the photo you can see a bottle of Big Cola. This is a Peruvian company which sells cola that takes pretty much exactly like coke - but a 3.3L bottle costs 11 pesos, about AU$1.50. Rumours are rife that the company was started by a number of ex-coke employees who managed to get enough of the secret recipe to reproduce it. Power to the people, I say, although it hasn't helped my caffeine addiction...