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There's nothing here!!

Good Lord, somethings changed! Not that anyone will notice, of course, since they gave up coming here years ago. Not a lot happening, but small changes. What happened, I hear you ask? (Well I don't, because there's no audio, but you know what I mean.) There was recently a hard disk crash at the place I keep my website, and Everything Dissappeared! So I was demoralised. But fear not! Soon the page shall return, bigger, better tructured, and possibly even funny! Until then, here's a few links to keep you occupied.

Oooh, a picture gallery....

Contrato james
Speakers Corner
A picture of a rhinocerous.
Want to hunt a rhino? You're a bastard, but at least use this method.
Isn't she Gorgeous?
Classic Beauty
The Drovers Dream.
Roskilde Festival Homepage
Bush Poetry
James' tips on cooking.
Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

Shooting off my Mouth.
I hate frames. For various reasons, mostly because they are almost never done well, also (I have to admit) I first encountered them using Netscape 2, which can't handle them at all. Also, there's often no point to using frames, most of the things they are used for could quite easily be acheived by simply having a set of links at the bottom of the page. Anyway, for a more reasoned account, go to Why Frames Suck.