Flight of Oxygen

Her weight feels wonderful on me, around me. Her hands are on my chest as she rocks back and forth, her eyes closed, a look of concentration on her face. I hold my pelvis up, and sweat from her face drips onto my skin. Her eyes open, and she smiles, rocking back and forth. The muscles in her legs bunch and move under my hands, as she rocks herself to orgasm again.

Her hands slide up my chest, fingers slipping through the hair, finally grasping my shoulders. She brings her weight forward, her eyes shining, her smile getting wider. She is very excited, possibly more excited than I am - and that is very excited indeed. She keeps rocking, back and forth. Her thumbs tickle my neck, and she looks into my eyes as if gauging my reaction. I smile, and run my hands along her legs, and hips. Her body is fantastic.

She slowly squeezes and massages my shoulders, bringing her hands closer together until her thumbs cross over my neck. Suddenly, I feel pressure. Not a lot of pressure, not more than wearing a tight shirt, but she has undeniably begun to squeeze my neck, her fingers wrapping around the back. Her smile widens, and she rocks, back and forth.

She smiles wider at the nervousness showing in my eyes - she is perverse, and I never know what she will do or how far she will go. It is not fear in my eyes, how could I fear her? If you are prepared to give everything to someone, there is nothing they can take from you. Her grip tightens, and I feel my windpipe begin to restrict. I wheeze slightly, as she rocks, back and forth.

Her hands begin to pulse, and she rubs her thumbs over my throat, squeezing in time with the rhythm of her rocking, back and forth. I find I have to breath in time with her rhythm. I no longer have any say in that most basic acts of living, breathing. She has taken control of that now.

Her eyes close, and the smile on her face is replaced by a look of concentration as she rocks, back and forth. She is cumming again, I feel her squeezing me - my manhood and my throat - and I relax my body, delaying my climax. She pauses briefly, then begins rocking again, back and forth.

The excitement in her eyes is plain now, the grin on her face almost predatory. She squeezes harder, and suddenly my flow of air is cut off. I can't breathe. The muscles in her arms bunch, and stand out. I raise my hands from her legs to her arms, to stroke the muscles. Her strength arouses me, her defined biceps feel hard and good under my fingers as she rocks, back and forth.

I do not try to stop her, I love the fact that she gets this excited with me. She is panting now, short shallow breaths, from excitement and exertion. Her tongue nicks out and moistens her lips as she rocks, back and forth. Her excitement is growing, her power over me a potent aphrodisiac.

Black spots and red spots begin to dance before my eyes, and my ears fill with the roaring of blood, blood in my ears and blood in my dick, which is as hard now as it has ever been. As she rocks, back and forth, my diaphragm gives one mighty spasm, and I gasp air through her secure grip.

She loosens her grip, allowing me to breathe, briefly. She is poised, I see the look in her eye of a kitten about to pounce on its prey. She rocks, back and forth, and pounces. Her grip returns tighter than before, accompanied by a triumphant grin and a dancing of perverse lust in her eyes. Her fingers dig into my neck, and her thumbs squeeze my throat again.

She shifts her weight, as she rocks, back and forth. My hands feel the muscles in her shoulders bunch, as she leans forward, hunching over me. My hands slide down the side of her tight body. I see her breasts, perfect breasts with dark aureoles. Her nipples are erect, hard and puckered with excitement. I brush my thumbs over them.

The experience thrills her, her body shudders as if from jolts of electricity. Her grin widens and she nods as she rocks, back and forth. She likes it, and she wants me to know that. I smile back, and my penis twitches inside her as it gets harder, my excitement feeding on her excitement. Sweat drips from her face onto mine, cooling my fevered skin. Her grip tightens.

The spots are back, dancing in front of my eyes. She appears to be surrounded by flittering faeries as I look up at her, leaning over me, rocking back and forth. A small, traitorous part of my brain is sounding alarm bells, but I ignore them. It is obvious she wants to go further than she's ever gone before, and I am pleased, and honoured, and excited that she has chosen me to be her partner for that. I don't believe she will really hurt me. Not too much. Her grip tightens.

Her excited face becomes more determined as she shifts even more of her weight forward, onto my neck. The blood roar in my ears is loud now, and the dancing spots have become large fragments of dark and light, obscuring my vision. As she rocks, back and forth, my diaphragm heaves, but in vain. It is too late to force any air into my lungs - it is up to her to let me breath. She can see I want to breath, and she grins. Her grip tightens.

Suddenly, her eyes close, and the familiar look of concentration on pleasure crosses her face. The gyrations of my stomach and chest have increased her rocking motion as she orgasms. As my body thrashes for oxygen it is as if she rides a bucking bronco. All she has to do is hold on as I rock her, back and forth. Her grip tightens.

How long have we been like this? How long since my last breath. No more than two minutes, I am sure. And yet, seconds never seemed so long - an eternity has passed since her hands first encircled my throat. She still has her eyes closed, her head rocking with her body, back and forth. I have seen this before, on occasion. Multiple orgasms, continuous ecstasy. She will keep this up until her body can literally take no more and collapses. She has amazing stamina. Her grip tightens.

The blood roaring in my ears is no longer something I hear, but something I am. My vision is a riotous battlefield of red and black, streaked by brief glimpses of the world. Through these, I see her hair, normally untameable, plastered flat to her head. The light bounces off the sheen of sweat over her face, and body. Her mouth is open slightly, small breaths of oxygen so dear to me panting in and out of her mouth, as if it were nothing. She is squeezing me as I move inside her, spasms of ecstasy sending corresponding shivers through my nervous system, to my brain. Dimly I am aware of an incredible pleasure, my body is on the brink of an orgasm such as I have never known before, even as it clamours for oxygen.

It occurs to me that she is experiencing continual orgasm, without pause, on and on. I cannot think when the flood washes through me for so brief a time, can she? I raise my arms to her wrists, finally, but I am too weak now to do anything. My body has stopped its thrashing, but she still rocks, back and forth, and squeezes.

My vision goes. My thoughts - never very lucid in this situation - are finally overcome by sensation. I am the roaring of blood in my ears, I am the intense, undeniable pleasure she gives me, through my groin. I drift, upwards. I am bathed with light from a violent, powerful energy, the energy she contains within her. It roils and seethes, whites and reds and yellows swirling around each other. I feel my own energy - my undying love for her - move towards her, and we melt together.

I feel her ecstasy, and she feels mine, they feed on each other, the whole greater than the two parts. I am closer to her than I've ever been, our passion feeds itself, our love mingles, we become one, and we know the eternal bliss of heaven.


Hot sawdust fills my lungs through a tunnel of fire. My body greedily sucks oxygen out of it. More sawdust, finer, like dusty air. I feel fingers hold my nose and my chin, and nimble lips press against mine. Air! There is air in my lungs! I cough and splutter, as the world shatters into focus in my eyes and ears. I gaze at her.

Relief washes over her face, almost wiping away the concern and terror that was there. And something else, that had been hidden but was now once more returning to the fore. Excitement. It bubbled through her.

"You stopped breathing," she exclaimed, as if revealing to me a treasured secret I had not known. "You died!"

She flings her arms around me, and we hold each other tight - neither sorry for what had happened.