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Have begun revamping the sounds page. Nothing major done so far but it now matches with the Picture Gallery setup.

Well, I am slowly making progress on updating the site, as I am sure some of you may have already noticed on the Picture Gallery Page. I am reorganizing the files into subcatagories to make it a little easier to find what you are looking for. I plan to do the same for the Sound Page as well. Other Plans include revamping the story section. I will be hopefully adding to the story which my father began and their may even be a rewrite of part one, but that is not yet determined. Also I intend to start accepting and writing stories set in one universe or the other that are NOT crossover related. I will still be focusing mainly on the Crossover stories but see no reason to limit the site to those types entirely. Any comments or suggestions about the site are, as always, welcomed. Feel free to email me or even sign the guestbook and leave comments.

Seems every time I get back to this site for updates it has been longer and longer between.

Things in my life have been hectic since my last update, both due to work and home life. As I was thinking about my site, and my plans for it just recently I got a pleasant surprise when my current boss commented on my site! And then, as I was sitting there a few days later planning out what I would start doing to get the site updated and revamped I happened to check my email, and what a surprise! I had been sent an email from someone visiting the site and asking for information so that they could work on a fan fiction story (hopefully for this site).

I shall endeavor to begin updating the site once again. My plans for now are not entirely clear, but I want to add more pictures, more sounds, and revamp the overall layout of the entire site to make it more visitor friendly. All of this means brushing up on my HTML which has gotten entirely rusty in the past couple of years.

Once I have done that I shall begin looking at the sites current layout and HTML coding to see what I can improve and add.

In the meantime, I invite you all to sign the guestbook and send email with requests for what you would like to see added to the site, and if I can possibly manage it I will include as much of the suggestions and requests as I can.
Live Long and Prosper, and May the Force be with you!

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