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Star Trek
Star Wars

Welcome to The Star Wars Meets Star Trek Crossover Site.

-The goal of this site is to provide a location where fans of both the Star Wars and Star Trek universes can come to view pictures, hear sound files, and read Crossover Stories.

-For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Crossover is it is a mixing of two different universes in this case Star Wars and Star Trek where in the Stories take characters and ships from one universe and have them appear in the other.

-Now this paticular site is dedicated to Crossovers that do NOT favor one universe or the other (in other words I don't want any stories that bash either universe or try to say that one is better then the other, although I will accept stories that are non Crossover) but which treat the two as basically equal. In my opinion the technologies of the two universes while different are roughly equal to one another. I can imagine a Galaxy Class Starship taking on a Star Destroyer and having them pretty evenly matched. Each would have its own strengths and weaknesses which would balance out in the long run.

-If any of you out there have a story that you would like to post here then feel free to send it in and I will review it for inclusion on the site. If it meets the general guidelines of this site then I will post it with your name so that everyone will know who wrote it. For you artists out there feel free to send your artwork and the same applies to it, if selected to be posted you will be credited. Plus if anyone has sound files that they would like to send please feel free to do so. Any suggestions for the website are also greatly appreciated and can be sent to me by clicking on the E-Mail Banner at the bottom of this and other pages.

-To all those about to explore this site - May The Force Be With You and Live Long and Prosper!

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