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Me in a nut shell

I was born on 16th of June the year 1981 at 9.15 am (I guess). I was the first child to born in our family. After my birth, I have got also a little sister (1983) and brother (1990). Most of my life I've been living in a small countryside town called Laihia, which is situated in the Western Finland. Finland then again is located "somewhere south from the north pole, near Greenland". Seriously, it is located in the Scandinavia; Northern Europe between Sweden and Russia.

Since this essay should be telling you about me, not Finland, I'll return to the topic. I went to the elementary school there in Laihia and passed it with overall good grades (average 9.6 out of 10).

After finishing the lementary school I was, to be frank with you, a little bored. Not that the teaching there had been THAT boring, but I felt that The Finnish upper secondary was not challenging enough for me. So I applied to an IB (International baccalaureate) school, where the teaching language is English instead of Finnish. To my surprise I was accepted, though I did not even try to do my very best in the Entrance Examinations. Actually I'm quite happy with my decission, though the studying is harder that I had expected. Why I'm happy is because it has also given me a lot. I would not be who I now am without it, though I realise that also the Finnish upper secondary would have changed me. By the way the process is called groving up.

However I now feel that I'm much more independent than I was a year back. I have now moved to Vaasa and live in a single household i.e. Do all the stuff my parents used to do myself. Living on your own gives you also certain freedom and indeed one can do things more freely when nobody is watching after you all the time.

Then you must realise that school is not whole my life; I also have hobbies. One of the most time consuming of my by school activities is working as Chief Editor in FIBS (Finnish International Baccalaureate Society). My other interest include arts, which I unfortunately can not do as much as I wanted, since the school is restricting my spare time. I also orienteer that is, to say it more clearly, running in the forest with a map and a compass, through specified checkpoints as fast as possible (if competing). I also do Judo if time allows and go jogging or play with my computer or write etc. etc.

One of my dreams is to be able to go abroad to study architecture. If that turns out to be impossible, I most likely apply to some of the polytechnics in Finland. Only the future will tell, if I become an architect or not.

I'm a quite even tempered person; don't loose my temper very easily. Moreover I'd like to think that I finish what ever I'm set to do. On the other hand I'm not too outgoing, but I do not have any trouble with other people and I certainly don't seek trouble. Most of the people I've met take me as a kind person and person with whom is easy to be with. I don't know, if I would be a good sales man, for I'm not that provocative and keep certain level of dignity. I honestly don't know why some get the impression that I'm kinda weird - well, I certainly am not the "Mister Smith". I do have some uncommon hobbies such as Role Playing Games, which some take as a weird hobby, but other than that I do not know.

In case of any suggestions, corrections or irrelevancies, please e-mail me at