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Welcome to the new and improved Hyper Dimension. We were temporarily unable to update the site for many reasons, but now we will work to bring as much DragonBall to you, the fans, as possible!

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7/17/2001 - Tuesday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 1:30pm est - Looking for Fanfiction stories and Fanart submissions for DBZ.

If there are those of you that have an original picture that you drew of a DB/Z/GT character or place, or you have an original story that you wrote, please submit it to this site. I am currently looking for Fanfiction and Fanart submissions from anyone. If you want to submit and have your work posted on this site, please send your work to me. Submissions are always open, and I hope to post soon, so hurry and send!

7/13/2001 - Friday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 12:00pm est - Maybe its time to run away.

Just a day ago, I put the movies section up, and the downloads were working. Today, they're not. I won't post anymore clips until I find the solution to this problem.

7/12/2001 - Tuesday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 2:56pm est - If at first you don't succeed...

Dust yourself off and run away! No seriously, you try again. So now the movies section is back up. Time to give it another shot. If anyone finds broken links, please e-mail me. Thank you.

7/6/2001 - Tuesday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 1:08pm est - Sigh. Minor setbacks.

Life isn't fair. Well, the movies section is down. I will try to get it fixed. I would have had this section up month's before, but I delayed posting the movies on the site because of the same server problems I have now. I thought things were OK because I tested all the downloads, and I got friends to test them too. But now after 2 days, none of the downloads work. Well as they say "back to the drawing board", expect more later.

7/6/2001 - Friday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 3:40pm est - A content update for a change! A new section!

Well instead of DB news and poll updates, its time for content. I have now added a movies section to this site. I have 15 clips up for your viewing pleasure, and I will soon have more. Its like I can never make up my mind what to update? Pics, games screenshots, or add new section! A much needed weekend getaway is in store for me. So this weekend I am going away, so don't expect any updates.

7/3/2001 - Tuesday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 3:23pm est - How forgetful can I be?

This is pretty stupid, but in this month's poll I forgot one of the more popular characters in DBZ, Goten. I forgot to make him one of the options in the poll. And I probably wouldn't have put him in if it wasn't for the user who put in that comment about leaving out Goten. I replaced Shenron with Goten because I know he doesn't have a chance at winning. I originally put in Shenron because I was interested in how many votes he would get, if any.

Also, I didn't add Mr. Satan in because I wanted to put in more of the important and popular characters in DBZ.

Now I know some of you are asking why I put in Broli instead of Kuririn. Kuririn did have an important role in DBZ, but his role did decrease with every saga and major battle, to the point where he couldn't contribute to the fight (The same with the other humans). This happened because they just couldn't keep up with the saiyajins and Piccolo. I put in Broli because he is a very popular character. This was also why I put in the other humans like Tien and Yamcha in, they are more popular.

7/1/2001 - Sunday

SSJ2MysticGohan . 5:48pm est - New Quote and Poll

First, I put a new poll up. This one is asking you who is your favorite character, when Goku and Vegita is not part of the choices. If you go to any site and you see this pole, Goku or Vegita are always the ones who are voted for as the favorite by the majority of voters. So that is why I excluded them. This poll won't show who is the favorite character of all characters in DBZ, just the of everyone except Goku and Vegita.

Next, the newest quote of the month. This quote is from Movie 6, in which Metal Coola boast why he can't be defeated. (Hey, doesn't he know that good always comes out on top!)

More updates later.

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Toonami has been reduced to two hours. Dragon Ball Z now airs twice a day until the premiere of Dragon Ball.

DVD and VHS releases will be simultaneous.

Original Dragon Ball to air on Cartoon Network beginning July 23rd at 5:30pm. However, there are some who say that it will premiere later. July 23rd has been said to be the same premiere date of the two newest Gundam series to America, "Mobile Suit Gun-
dam", premiering at 5:00pm; and "8th Mobile Suit Gun-
dam", premiering at 12:00am.

Season 5 of Dragon Ball Z is currently in production. New epi-
sodes to air Sep-
tember 3rd. It is said that ALL of the remaining episodes of DBZ will be shown.

Viz to release future Dragon Ball graphic novels and re-release current no-
vels uncensored.

Movie #5 expected in October, #6 to follow shortly thereafter. Release in movie theathers will most likely not happen.

Infogrames/Wizard Works is currently producing some upcoming DBZ games. First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advanced. The re-
lease date is not yet known.

Quote Of The Month
July 2001 -

My weaknesses are monitored by Big Ghetti Star's main computer, which re-
pairs and reinforces my damages. You'll be dead long before I am defeated. No matter how many times it takes. I'll keep coming back stronger than ever. Ever if you lived forever, you'll never beat me... Give it your best shot.

Metal Coola:
Movie 6: The Best of Strongest vs.

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