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Mav Goes Forth

This is the final web page of the collection, and boasts a colour far more interesting than those before. The final item of discussion in my miniscule web is concerned with the Ten Commandments, version 5.73 a

1.) Thou shalt not participate in role plays.
2.) Thou shalt not go round pointing out lesbians.
3.)Thou shalt not use gel, try wax- rub into the palms of your hands, until a fine skin of wax forms. Then quiff.
4.)Thou shalt not take Top Gun's name in vain.
5.)Thou shalt be vain.
6.)Thou shalt not pinch thy neighbour's wife, slavegirl or ass.
7.) Thou shalt not kill, unless the victim is killed during ejection from your F-14 whilst following the Iceman too closely.
8.)Thou shalt not do things that degrade your mind, hair or Mr. Winky
9.) Thou shalt not exploit small phillipino boys who are trying to clean your shoes.
10.)Eat go forth and multiply, Sleep go forth and multiply, Drink Lots.

The revised edition of the ten commandments in available in paper back. If you managed to find this site, you are very clever indeed. You, the select few, are of the new Mav superbreed. You may email me and be amongst the first to join.
Call the Mavster

These first two are from FHM

One that isn't from FHM

To bring this website to a close, I would like to once again stress the importance of being Mavlike, don't disclose your weaknesses to others, look good at all times and work hard and become a pilot or a doctor. (Both together is bonus if you know what I mean!!)