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The Mav's Network

Mav's page, after being broken by the incompetence of Mav has return'd. The story continues.
A summary so far...

I, Petree 'Mavrick' Michellin was out playing volleyball one day, when I fell and severed my hand on a beer glass. Never to fly again, I got a job at microsoft.

Now, I have been promoted to being the Welsh representative at microsoft. (Despite not actually being Welsh).
Incidentally, the links to my other pages are now very much fixed. My page is now more complete than ever it was.
Cool places to be...


Life in Hereford

My workshop, by far the best page in my plethora of stuff. .

The finalé, the shrine in the temple of Mav.

CHILDREN! Today's mental age is three. The number three.

The above links take you to the edge.