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Pax Deorum

The Bright Days Of My Youth
Saol na saol, Tús go deireadh. Tá muid beo … Go deo.
Life of lives, Beginning to the end. We are alive … Forever.

Name Rulie Nasrullah Alimoeddin.
Date/Place of Birth Bogor, May 27th
Home Wirajasa II Blok M Comp MBAU Waringin Permai , Jakarta Timur 
Jakarta 13620, Indonesia
I really like Soccer Game.... And my favorite player was Jari Litmanen and Stephane Chapuisat. And my favorite club was Liverpool (Jason Mc Ateer and Redknapp) and Norway Team (Erik Trodstvet). I'll bet on Norway and France (My Favorite is Bixente Lizarazu) team on this Coupe du Monde'98.

I'am also like readin, and my Favorite was Umar Khayam. I read it for two or three times. And the tittle is "Sri Sumirah", "Seribu kunang-kunang di Manhattan" or "Mangan ora mangan kumpul [trilogy]". And the best one is "Para Priyayi", I Thinks it's a Masterpiece…. But, YB Mangunwijaya (Burung-burung Manyar) and Seno Gumira Ajidarma (Saksi Mata) was the great too!....?? The other Writer that i like was M. Sobary, A. Tohari and A.A. Navis

About music... Every kind of music. But specially J.S. Bach (thanks for toccatta), Genesis (in the time of Gabriel), Pink Floyd, Marillion (and you too Fish!), U2, and YES... all that progressive rock! I also like new age or easy listening, like Mike Oldfield, Vangelis,.... and the most of all, ENYA!
The Musician?.... V A I and M A E was the GREAT!!!

Movie? My Favorite was Bugsy Malone (Where little Jodie Foster Play so excellent) and Twister (You know what kind a class Helen Hunt play of that). You know what, cause i loike the two of that wonderful girl,... sometimes, i think.... their face was same, the beauty, the way she's talk, the expression, anything... looks like each other. Do you think so? I watch Twister movie 14 times,...yes! Cause i really like the act of Helen, so natural. And the best part for me was when Helen chasin the storm, in the highway, where the boats fly. The dialog beetween Helen and Bill was touchin my heart. "Don't blame yourself. Killing yourself won't bring Your Dad back! It's over now."
For the actor?... I dont have one, but i think i like Keiffer Sutherland! Have you ever see The Lost Boys? Where he play so well with Jason Patrick. And the Soundtrack was great, especially from the Doors.."People strange, when you are stranger, Faces look ugly when you're alone". Or Myabe Young Gun (Part I and Part 2 as Doc).

I (sometimes)also like chattin on IRC, and my favorite # is Parahyangan. (Hello Kang Boku, Ak4n6, Fadia, Nyai Bageur, Nyai teu bageur, pokokna wargi sadayanalah.... hehehe :))You can find me there (I Hope!) the man with the nick name D1ld0... sometimes it was Dodol. (Malah kadang-kadang Bebegid Dodol yah?) Why I choose this name?.. Dunno... Sounds Funny to me...:)

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