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Warhammer Fantasy roleplaying game has definately the vastest and the deepest Gamingworld in my knowledge (And my knowledge in this field is rather large).

I will be upgrading this page rather frequently so youd better visit this site often if ye wanna get the best advices on how to make Warhammer RPG every bit as good as it deserves to be...

Here are some interesting rule-changes I have come up this far:
"Natural" weapons Them cumbersome weapons... One thing we have found really disturbing in our games... Them horses just cant carry us mean and not so lean characters... First the blows to the head... They seem always to be so gentle... So I would like to suggest the following solutions: Then there are the Bastard swords... A bit too lightweighted for the full power of a two-handed sword. And then about the "Strike mighty blow"-skill. Wood elves... Masters with a bow... Right.... Speedmagic... there is no such thing... Alcohol... the dangers and the goodies... Skill learning... Then there is this nice substance called warpstone... so much hassle and no good rules for it... Undead and their kin... We all know and dislike those nasty splattermovies where blood and guts are thrown high in the air from zombies and stuff, right? Well... if ye wish to do that in WFRP, or ye just want to give those mean players a real scare, then try this...

Here are some other Warhammer RPG related things that I am WORKING on

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