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Kerri's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction

Hi Welcome back to my fan fiction page. Page last updated on the 29th of August 2001.I have just added new story by Lori Hanson entitled "Shocked" check it out by scrolling down the page and don't forget to send lots of feedback to Lori when you've finished reading it.

I don't own the characters created by Donald P Bellisaro eg; Sam Beckett, Al Calavicci, Donna Elesee, Gooshie, Tina, Ziggy and Verbena. I only have them on loan and have meant no infringement of copyright. I do however own any new characters so please do not use them with out my permision first.

MERRY CHRISTMAS DR. BECKETT: Sam leaps back to 1994, into the life of a lonely security guard, only hours before several innocent people lose their lives. But before Al has a chance to tell Sam the reasons for this leap, Sam discovers that his friend has been keeping something very important from him. Feeling betrayed and determined to return home to his own time, Sam refuses to listen to Al. As the hours pass and time runs out, it's up to Al and the other members of the project to solve the crime and stop Sam.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: "Merry Christmas Dr Beckett" is rated PG for adult themes and the occasional swear word. Feed back is most welcome.

CONDUCT UNBECOMING:Al awaken's after a night he'd rather forget. Or would he? After years as loyal friend and observer 'time' has finally taken it's toll in a way no one could of imagined and life at Project Quantum Leap has just become very complicated.

Conduct Unbecoming is a "Leap Back" inspired story, but takes place after "A leap for Lisa" For the purpose of my story I have made them appromimately six months apart. "Conduct Unbecoming" is also rated PG for adult themes.

Stories by Other People

THE SEASONS OF LOVE, Part 1 ALL THE SWEET TOMORROWS. Chapter 1 - 4 By Angela Brush."That is the true season of love. When we believe that we alone can love. That no one could have loved so before us; and that no one could ever love in the same way again after us." Johann Sebastian Goethe

"The Season of Love" is a story in two parts. Part I - All The Sweet Tomorrows is about the after shocks of the final leap of the series (Mirror Image) and tells the love story of Sam and Donna. Sam leaps back to 1989 in order to give Donna the chance not to marry him, and in making her choice Donna irrevocably changes the present.

Part 2 - "Home Is Where The Heart Is" tells the story of how Donna's bravery, and his family's know how, lead to the shutting down of Lothos and the repair of the RETRIEVAL PROGRAM.

SHOCKED. By Lori Hanson "Alternate ending to the episode Shock Theater. Sam doesn't get that last shock therapy treatment in time and Al loses complete contact with him."

Starts at the end of Shock Theater where Al is pleading with Sam to tell the nurse to give him another shock therapy treatment, or else he may lose contact with Sam forever

"Shocked" is rated PG-13

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