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Rasta Love, A Righteous Love,
The Love I Want To Share With You.
A Free Love, Rooted In My Love For

You Dont Have To Live
A Rasta Way Of Life,
Righteousness Is The Key;
But Then Again, I Would Just
Like To Rastarize You.

Yes, I Do Have My Home In Mount
Zion, But Until THE FATHER Calls
Me Home, I Think About Making
A Home With You.

To Experience Rasta Love,
Is To Experience My Love;
To Experience My Love,
Is To Experience JAH LOVE!

Rasta Love Will Bring Out
The Star That Shines Within You;
Rasta Love Will Return
That Which Was Stolen From You.

Positive Vibrations Everytime,
On A Never Ending Pursuit To
Eliminate Negativity From My Mind.
Upful, Upright Living, Always
Striving To This End; Just Simply
Trying To Do The Right Things.

RastafarI Love!
This Is The Love That I Offer To You.
Not The Things Of The World,
But The Things Of My Heart,
That You May Discover And Know,

** Livicated To My Angel, RastafarI Love **

by: Ancient 3/12/1998

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