Ancient's Profile
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Let me take this time to HUMBLY introduce and say a few words about Myself. I am a strong, spiritual, and positve Black Man. I am proud to say that My Way Of Life is strongly rooted in the Knowledge of GOD.

I have Cerebral Palsy, so I walk a little un-orthodoxed,*just a little*, and I have a blurred speech. I don't consider Myself disabled, handicapp, physically challenged or any of that stuff, I am just a man who was born with cerebral palsy. These labels, and labels in general tend to limit. I am a Gentleman, a good Human Being, Polite, Respectful, Peaceful. One of My Afrikan names that I gave Myself means "Quiet Warrior", I have a quiet spirit, but like the sea can become tenacious when tempted by a storm.

Things that I do as activities in My life are reading, though I don't consider myself a reader. I read mostly books on Black History, Black Consciuosness, Black Spirituality(spirituality in general),...everything Black. Right now My poetry, which I consider as a duty to write, is one of the most important activities in my life. GOD has blessed me with such a gift, and to not use it, not share it, not develop it, and not publish it to the world, would be to turn my back on GOD, to my people, and to the world.

All in all, I am simply a humble Brother. I have fualts, habits, good & bad,.... Finally, the one word that I think describes me is "Beloved", which is the english translation of my Hebrew name, "David".

David L. Weeks
"Ancient Tradition"


Place Of Birth: St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Age: 36

I like watching and playing:
- Football
- Basketball
- Track & Field
- And Other Sports that catch my interest at that moment