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David L. Weeks
Writing Career: Since 1985
Works Published In: - Bowie University Year Book
- Reggae Report Magazine
- Anthology: "Come Into Our Whirl"
- Online poetry website: ""
- Essence Magazine (Dec. 2001)
Published Books: - "Ancient Tradition: (Soul Poetry)"
Appearances: - Radio interview with Uncle Johnny
  WSTX Radio Station, St. Croix, V.I.
- Radio interview with Nestor
  WRRA Radio Station, St. Croix, V.I.
Awards/ Nominations : - Black Writers Alliance: "Golden Pen Award"
  Nominee 2001 (Best in Poetry Collection)
Positions: - Greeting Committee Coordinator - ""
- Executive Member - ""
- Founder/owner: "Conquering Lion Enterprise"
  A publishing & desktop services company
Education: College Graduate 1994(Bowie State University)
Degree: B. S. Computer Science
Occupation: IT Professional

David has been writing poetry since 1985. Born and raised on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, David moved to Maryland in 1985 where he attended Bowie State University. David knows that his creative spirit is a gift from GOD, and acknowledges his duty to share with his people and the world what GOD inspires in him.

Over the years, David has written a versatile collection of poems that focuses on expressing a positive message towards the upliftment of his people, and the unity of humanity as a whole. David states that he prays for the day when his works will completely embrace, inspire, and touch the hearts of all that are exposed to his poetry.

David is a member of a unique online poetry group( that has been in existence since June 1998. The group pooled together their resources and published their first anthology entitled, "Come Into Our Whirl", in the summer of 1999, which featured poetry from forty of the members, including four of David's original pieces. David is also a member of writer's group located in Washington, DC., which meets every Thursday to read, and discuss poetry and all aspects of creative writing.

David also recently self-published his first book of poetry, entitled, "ANCIENT TRADITION(Soul Poetry)", which features 90 to 100 of his original poems, he is currently working on his second book of poetry.

David holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from Bowie State Univ., and is presently employed by Honeywell International, Inc. David is also founder and owner of his own publishing and desktop services company, Conquering Lion Enterprise.

Contact Information:
David L. Weeks
phone: (h) 301-497-1526
           (w) 301-286-4547