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RasTafarI was conceived with the crowning of Ras Tafari Mekonnen as Emperor of Ethiopia. With His crowning He took on The Name Haile Selassie I, meaning "Power Of The Trinity." He also proclaimed His ascendency of The Solomomic Dynasty. Through the union between King Solomon and Queen Makeda of Sheba whose son, Menelik I, established the first Solomonic Throne in Ethiopia centuries before. A cornerstone influence at the foundation of RasTafarI was Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who fortold the event of the crowning of a Black King through biblical prophecy, who would herald the impending redemption of The Black Race. Garvey's philosophy of Righteousness for The Black Race became a deep source of inspiration and guidance for the formative foundation of RasTafarI. In Jamaica, where the inception of RasTafarI took place, at the same time, there were others who agreed with Garvey's prophesies, and around the first orators was gathered a growing number of followers who were mostly from the poverty stricken ghettos and rural areas of the island. H. Archibald Dunkley, Joseph N. Hibbert, Leonard Howell, and Robert Hinds were all part of eclectic missions that preached the initial doctrines of RasTafarI.

RasTafarI is centered around the spiritual allegience given to HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I by RasTafarI brethrens as the Rightful Ruler of Creation, THE CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, as prophesized in the old and new testaments, GOD manifeted in a physical man. Ongoing manifestations of the spirit of RasTafarI was realized and developed through the teachings of the Holy Bible, Marcus Garvey, and other Black Freedom Fighters. These manifestation which The Rasta lives is what He considers His Way Of Life. The Revolutionary Gospel Teachings of Jesus The Christ is also a major inspiration and guide in maintaining and striving towards a Righteous Way Of Living.

"Afrika For The Afrikans, Those At Home And Those Abroad"
Marcus Mosiah Garvey


The RasTafarI know that a word can kill or cure, and that every word carries a vibration. Every word has a history, and word should never be used unthinkingly. Speech is the most precious gift given to man; reasoning power. The control of the tongue and what it utters, the key to life and death which is the knowledge of RasTafarI. The Emperor's Iyaric is an english based language with a deeper and more complex Afrikan presence. Iyaric is a way of speaking that the RasTafarI has develop to bring out the true meaning in words or the positive vibrations in words. For example, the word 'dedicate' is given a more positive vibration by replacing the 'dead' sound with life, 'live', thus the word becomes 'Livicate'. Another example, 'oppressor', becomes 'downpressor', bringing out the true meaning of the word which is falsly expressed as 'Up-pressor'. Iyaric is a creative roots language spoken by the people of Jamaica and has been interwoven into most of the english speaking countries of the Caribbean. Iyaric seeks therefore, more than anything else, to perfect its "Word Sound And Power".

These are a list of words that you might come across while surfing my website...

Dread: The state of fearlessness in the face of obstacles that The Rasta posses.

Groundation: The Niyabingi celebrations of those gathered together in the sight of JAH.

I: Used instead of the posessive me, you, my, mine. I is assertive and stands firm, while you is bent and indecates division or weakness.

I an I: Used to emphasize the unity of all mankind who stands for truth and rights. It also shows the unity between I and the MOST I (HIGH) JAH.

I Man: The word used by a Rastaman to refer to himself in conversation.

JAH: The name by which The RasTafarI know THE CREATOR manifested in the man Haile Selassie I. Read psalms 68.

Ital: Used to refer to vegetarian dishes, vital, pure, wholesome.

Livity: Used instead of freedom(free-dum), or freeness could also be substituted.

Niyabingi: A RasTafarI spiritual gathering to end downpression. The popular interpretation is "Death to the black and white oppressors.

Overstand: "Understand", The RasTafarI object to having to go under to get the full knowledge of something.

Sight RasTafarI: When One accepts RasTafarI Way Of Life as Their way of life.

Ras: An Amharic word meaning, "Head", "Cheif" or "king". This is the title a RasTafarI uses before His name.

Ras Kamua Daudi Kimit: This is the Afrikan name that I have chosen for Myself, I consider it My natural name.
*Kamau - "Quiet Warrior"
*Daudi - the same as the Hebrew name David "Beloved"
*Kimit - Ancient Afrikan civilization named Kimit meaning Black.

RasTafarI with Hebrew first names are usually called by Their first name with Ras before it, for example I am called Ras David by My RasTafarI Brethrens.

Word Sound Power: Positive vibrating speech of RasTafarI. An injunction of mind, heart, and tongue to project positive, perceptive and enlightened incepts of thought and heart.

Iyaric: A combination of the word Iya, which affirms the "highter" realities of RasTafarI, and the word Amharic, which is the language spoken in Ethiopia.