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I see in You the womb from
Whence I came. Coming from a mere
Conception of Your subconscious, I
Was made a reality by the processes
Of Your Biological Functions.

Given the Divine Duty to be the
First Teacher of Men, You are the Rod
By which civilizations are measured.
You are the Foundation upon which
Families stand. You gave birth to many
Great nations.

I look at You Black Woman, and I see
My own Mother in You, so respect to You
Is due. She who took Her mental conceptions
And brought forth the Realities of Me;
This is what I see in You.

When I see You Black Woman, I have
No choice but to honor You; sometimes
Physically and sometimes mentally.
I sometimes refer to You as the Woman
That came before Man; study the teachings
Of Mother Earth and You will understand.
So, if You came before Man,
You must hold the key to THE CREATOR'S Plan.

Black Woman, I ask for Your help
In the Rebuilding of the Afrikan Family;
I ask for Your help in the Rebuilding of
The Afrikan Nation.

Don't let those Time Pills Deceive You,
Don't let those doctors Relieve You.
Don't Destroy the Fruits of Your Womb!
What is to be must be, what is not to be
Will never be;
And that is up to THE LORD to decide.

So to all Black Mothers I say, Thank You
For Your Contributions. And to all Black Mothers
To be, I pray You have
Positive Mental Conceptions.

by: Ancient 1992

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