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I Am Not One To Make Much Promises,
Nor Boast That My Word Is Bond;
But I Always Try My Best, To Keep My Word,
And That Is One Thing For Sure
You Can Count On.

In High Tide Or In Low Tide,
As Long As It Is Possible For Me To Be There,
I Will Always Be By Your Side.
Remember, In This Friendship,
There Is Always Room For Your River To Run,
A Strong Shoulder To Lean On,
In Me You Can Always Find A Shinning Sun.

In Rough Seas Or In Calm Waters,
No Matter What, I Will Always Be Your Friend.
If I Have To Climb To The Mountain Top
Or Roam The Valley Lows,
I Will Always Try My Best Never
To Let You Down.

Yes, In Life There Will Always Be Ups And Downs,
But If You Stop And Count Your Blessings,
You Will See That There Is No Real Reason
For You To Be Down;
You Will See How Easy It Is
To Turn Your Frown Upside Down….
So, As Bob Would Say, "Why Do You Look So Sad
And Forsaken, When One Door Is Closed,
Many More Are Open".

In High Tide Or In Low Tide,
HE Will Always Be By Your Side;
High Seas Or Low Seas,
GOD Will Always Be Your Friend.

** Livicated To The Living Memory Of Robert Nesta Marley **

** For My Angel **

by: Ancient 3/17/1998 ©

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