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I just want to testify
That My GOD HE answers prayers
I prayed to GOD and HIS Answer was You

From the top of my heart
I Love You
Your Love is just to good
Not to be true
And I don't quite know how
I made it this far in My life
Without you

You are that missing part of me
You came and set my loving free

Could you be my destiny fulfilled
Could you be my life long dream come true
Are you the one
That I've been waiting for, forever
And ever
Could you be the promise made to me
Forever and for all eternity
Could you be the one
Are you the one
On bended knees I prayed for

I knew, if I held on a little bit longer
You would come my way
I closed my eyes, and I wished upon you babe
Heaven must have sent you down to me
Cause if you look into my eyes you'll see
That you're my angel, you're my angel

Like a shooting star, You fell into my sky
You brightened up my life

True Love was never hard To find in you
I'll give my all just to see you through
A friend for life I'll always be to you
I give my heart to you

** Livicated To My Angel **

by: Ancient 1999

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