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Excerpt taken from a poetsniche interview, permission granted.
By Monica "moni" Blache
Editor of: moni's Top 10 (The Poets Niche Newsletter)

Moni: Who, why and how did Ancient Tradition become your pen name?

David: Ancient Tradition was originally the name of one of my poems. It became my Dread name (pen name as you call it) when I joined a chat community on the internet. I was having a hard time finding a handle that wasn't taken. I was getting frustrated and was about to give up -- I thank GOD that I didn't for many reasons. Well, I decided to use the title of one of my poems, "Ancient Tradition" was the chosen one. Ancient Tradition has since grown into something more than just a chat handle. For example: at the end of my submissions it reads, "Know Your Culture, Know Your Roots, Know Your Ancient Tradition." I believe it will continue to grow into more than its original purpose. Also, it's going to be the name of my first published book: "ANCIENT TRADITION Of The Peace Pipe."

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