Realm Of Shattered Souls *"Realm has been up since May 1997, Updated last:4:00pm; October 25th. *2000*."*
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Realm Of Shattered Souls.

Welcome to the Realm of Shattered Souls. This is an open minded realm where the traveler must respect what he/she finds. Use and keep any knowledge that you may find; however I would appreciate an email first. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

*Soon to come: Message boards, online persona creations. Ideas and thoughts always appreciated.*

~ My Paths of interest:~

An in detail "view" of Wicca and "Neo-Paganism."
Yule Babble.
Enter the Dragon's Lair.
The curse! If you use a Windows 95,98,or NT operating system, Please avoid this pathway.

~Pathways to other realms of interest and abnormity:~

Ravenwood:Realm of Shadow and Light
The Official homepage of AmtGard.
Ivy Shadow's realm of Vampire the Masquerade and other "dark" thoughts.
Enter the realm of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons through the eyes of Java.

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"What is it I love in the clamor of this place? Where even at the latest hour, oily fumes and voices pierce their way through my window. Sirens rip apart the night, rendering up sleep, making peace a precious thing. Grand armies of machines outrunning the wind on concrete and steel tracks, try to defeat the dark. Pumped up with purpose, they shout to me-- "Man will not stand still but remains a factor to be counted." And this ruckus seems so gently stirred with curries, mutton, cloves, songs in Leicester Square, summer roses blooming fragrant on the Village Commons the seductive dance of city lights. There are people here who stay up too late, who drink beer for breakfast, know how to laugh who continue who remind me with potent odors and tremendous sounds that despite our serious wounds and confusions we are alive. "

This realm honours Caleera, Arcadion, Fael, and last but not least, Dalan the Bard.
How good ye are to me.>
Ever had a dream where you didn't wanna wake up? Where life was peaceful everyone smoked up? Ever had a dream where you didn't want to wake up? Where children played with pixys and fly on dragon's wings? Ever had a dream where you didn't wanna wake up? Where we live peacefuly under the moon? What happens when we must wake? When it is cold outside brings you down? when doors close no sooner than you open them? when the choices you make may condem? What happens then?