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Theories of Paranormal Phenomena

THEORY #1 - Death, and the Avatar
Throughout the many years I have now spent researching ghosts and paranormal phenomena, I have come up with a few conclusions.
The body, during life, acts much like a car. In order to run, it needs a driver or soul. If the soul leaves the body, the body doesn't move. This is true of Out-of-Body experiences and Near-Death experiences where people have reported leaving their bodies.
Ghosts are simply souls without an avatar, or body, to control. This is why some mothers experience paranormal phenomena during pregnancy and also why Past-Life memories exist.
the soul does not die. The body does. Afterward, the soul may or may not go somewhere else. However, what IS known is inevitably, the soul is recycled. However, this is not true in some cases. In cases where the ghost does not go away, these souls are merely still searching for a way out. An avatar to call their own.

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