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The IGHS has developed a set of standards and protocols for conducting field investigations based on experience and common sense. These standards and protocols establish a baseline to judge photos obtained by eliminating the common errors of most beginners. The IGHS Standards & Protocols provide guidelines that ensure professionalism by IGHS members.

- No smoking during an investigation.
- No alcohol before, during or after an investigation.
- No Ouija boards or seances during or after an investigation.
- Always conduct your investigations in a professional manner.
- Respect posted property, ask permission and do not trespass.
- Do not take photographs during adverse weather conditions.
- Adverse weather conditions is rain, mist, fog or snow.
- Remove all dust, spots, fingerprints from camera lens.
- Remove or wear the camera strap so it does not hang loose.
- Avoid shooting into the Sun for resulting lens flare.
- Keep fingers away from the lens of the camera.
- Avoid shooting when foreign objects are floating near camera.
- No running or horse play in cemeteries or historical sites.
- Show reverence and respect in cemeteries, battlefields, etc.
- Always use fresh audio tapes for EVP recordings.
- Compare anomalous prints with negatives for confirmation.
- flash is only good for 9-12 feet from camera so focus on that range.
- Positive Mental Attitude is very important for all investigations.
- Skeptical minds will generate negative energy during an investigation.
- Follow the IGHS Lunar cycles for conducing investigations.
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