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This is a pic of me.

The founder of this clan is me =(SIC)= And if you would like try outs just ask me im on Game Spy all the timejust look for...*UC*Cmdr=(SIC)= Demo man.

My brother is the tactics guy and a great sniper he will help any new guys that join and give out the rules of Umbrella Corp."

So now you want to join well here are some rules for you to follow...

#1 NO Team killings will take place. #2 All ways stick together dont stray off if you are lost call out to some one on the team that knows the level or detail of mission. #3 Get Roger Wilko so the team can all talk to one another (the only way to play). #4 If you are willing to pass the objective then do so but make sure some one is with you dont go by your self we might loose the item you had.(not mandatory). #5 DO NOT TAKE ANY wepons you find that some has dropped(from the team)you all will know who is who and what wepons they carry. #6 Dont call in fales orders or commands. #7 Be nice to all players on the field.(you can talk shit about them only whene using Roger wilco. #8 (For medics only)DO NOT TAKE A GUN NEER A WOUNDED TEAM MAT...DO NOT JUST RUN PAST HIM AND NOY HEAL HIM remmember you get cash for healin a team mate so do the deed.

Well thats it for now look in this section for up comming matches and Team anouncments.